Updated Classroom Library!

Hey guys! One of the many many projects I wanted to tackle this summer was updating my classroom library bins. A few months ago I blogged about how I set my library up. You can read about that {{HERE}}.

The bins I used were ok. They were a few years old and they were starting to crack. I got them at Big Lots and they held up better than I expected them too. The teacher in me always needs to make my things cute( don't we all?!). Here is a pic of what they looked like.

 I added ribbon to brighten them up and found these tags on TPT years ago.

For years I have been seeing these bins that are from the website 

Steps Into Literacy. I have read so many great things about them and I really like the colors they offered. I ordered them last month and I am so excited to get them into my classroom!
     This is the side view of one bin. Looks like it will hold a good amount of books.
                                         They are so colorful!!
Of course with new bins I had to put some new labels on them. I like to group by books by themes. I took some pages from my set of labels

                        and printed them out 2 sheets per page. That way I was able to get 2 labels on one bin.

                        Here is a closer look at the labels on the bins.

Since all my books are packed away, I can't show pics of what they look like with books just yet. I promise to do that once I get back to school in a few weeks.

How do you set up your library? Do you have themes your follow or something else? I would love to hear all about yours!


  1. Thank you for this post. I wanted to get some book baskets and these look great. I had not heard of Steps Into Literacy before. I checked out the site and it is awesome. I love your colors. Thank you!