August Currently

Hello August! I saw a picture on Instagram today and I think every teacher would agree!!

Summer has been great and there are still a few weeks left...thank goodness.

It is time for my favorite linky party with Farley over at  Oh'Boy 4th Grade

Listening- while looking through Netflix tonight I came upon this golden oldie from the 80's! Love this movie and always watch it when it's on. There is nothing like movies from the 80's!!


eeeekkkkk!!! It is time for the BIG sale over at TPT!! I have been going through my wish list and getting my top items put into my cart. Have you been leaving feedback on your past purchases?? You do know you can earn credits by doing so right!?!?!?!

I am going to purchase those BIG ticket items, leave feedback after I check them out and then use those credits to go shopping again :D

Thinking- SOOO many thought go through my head! What I want to get done before summer is over, what new thing I want to incorporate in my classroom this year, set up and more. It is so hard to keep my thoughts straight!

Wanting- I really need to get some new borders! I recently cleaned out and BUNCH of cabinets and got rid of a TON of crap stuff. I love to look through catalogs and finding my favorites to go along with my chalkboard theme. Best part of BTS!!

Needing- that is self explanatory!

B2S RAK- I love to get my new kiddos a little welcome bag and note card for their first day of school. I also like to try and help out the newbie teachers who are just starting out with some goodies to help them out. Lots of shopping ahead for

                         Hop on over to 

                to see what everyone else is up to! Happy August.


  1. I love those e-cards!! & completely agree!! I just went out and bought some new border myself!! I needed a new update with a new classroom!! Just a little tip too... I laminate my border so it lasts a little longer too! The cutting out is tedious, but it's worth it!!

  2. WOW I have never laminated them before! Great idea :)

  3. I need to get in the Back to School Mode too! I am just not there!!! My room needs to be set up.

  4. I love the idea about laminating border!!! :) I know what you mean about having so many ideas. I'm pretty sure teachers' brains do not come with an "off" switch!!! :)

    Literacy Without Worksheets

  5. I feel youuuuu. I seriously need to get back in mode as well. Slow process!!

    Maren @ Malimo Mode

  6. I need ink too!! I just popped my spare black ink in my printer a couple days ago... I better order my back ups before I forget!! I get them online because I find it cheaper :D I wish I could just know what my room looked like!! Currently I'm not placed in a room or grade for this coming year... I know it will come by the end of the summer but I get so anxious not knowing!! I hope to find out soon!

    A Pinch of Kinder