Back To School- Meet The Teacher

                                  Hey everyone! Today I am joining 
to talk about some great tips and ideas for heading back to school. Each week I will be chatting about a different topic.  This week is all about Meet The Teacher!

We have our Meet The Teacher session a few days before school begins. This give students are parents a chance to meet me, drop off their school supplies and see what our classroom is all about.  The school sets an hour or so for the parents to come in and do this.

Last year I barely had my room ready to go so I decided to have a table outside my classroom for the parents to fill in some paper work. I found this amazing Student Information sheet from  Miss Kindergarten

It was awesome and really helped me get to know my students!

I also have the parents fill out a transportation form so I know how the kids will be getting home on that first day. 

I have these signed laminated and hanging up near my door for the first week of school. This really help SOO much with dismissal at the end of the day. 

This year on top of those sign I found these Transportation Tags

I am planning on making them into stickers like she blogs about HERE!!

The time just flies by and that is all I really get to do with my new students and parents. It passes by in a flash.

If you would like those transportation sign for Bus, Parent Pick or Extended Day
just click here----> Transportation Signs

Head back here next Tuesday when I will be talking about how I build relationships with my students. :)

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  1. Those tags for the students to wear are a dream! I am sure that this makes your life so much easier with kinder!