Back To School- Survival Kit!

I am so excited to be joining my friends
to share all about the Survival Kit exchange! I was SOO happy and excited to be paired with with Melanie from  Momma with a Teaching Mission! Melanie is super sweet and SUPER talented!! If you have not checked our here TPT store you MUST!! We both teach the same departmentalized subjects and I am always amazed at her creativity!

Now on to the goodies! First off when I opened my package I had the cutest note from her!

How CUTE are those note cards! It was sooo cute how she told me why she picked each of my items :)
                 All my new                     goodies!!

               Markers..she                 knows the way                to my heart!
          LOVE those dry          erase labels! I will          be using them tons                 this year!

I have to go out and buy some mason jars now to use these ADORABLE ones!
 How cool is it to have those notcards with a ring attached! LOVE.

 One can NEVER have enough paper clips right??!
These were the most thoughtful! Melanie knows how much I love to stuff my face eat hot dogs when I am back in Chicago! She found the most adorable hot dog earnings from this company. When my kids saw them they thought they were so funny and loved that I had earrings like this now. They are seriously so cute!

Melanie did a great job spoiling me and I am well stocked for this upcoming school year! I can't thank her enough for all these goodies and I am so happy to have made such a wonderful new friend! We have to meet in person some day!!

 Make sure to stop by some of the other blogs and see what they got in their survival kits!!

Hope you all have a wonderful school year!!

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