Building Relationships-Building Blocks of B2S

                                        Today I am joining up with
to share about how I build relationships with my students.

Establishing and building relationships with students is a BIG factor in classroom management. When a student feels safe and can trust their teacher. It is easier to guide them towards making the right choices in your classroom.

Here are 5 tips you can use to help build the bond between you and your students.

1. Every day smile, say hello, wave. Interact with those students the moment they step foot inside your classroom. Setting a tone like that lets you students know how much you care about them. For some, this might be the place they feel the safest. Let them know you are happy they are there.

2. I always love to hear about what my students like. I can then use that knowledge in my lessons or maybe even have some of those items in my classroom to use as a reward. Students love to see their favorites from outside school in your classroom! 

3. I have pictures of my family in my classroom. My students LOVE to hear about my kids, dog and what we do over the weekends. It makes them feel like they are apart of my life. Every Monday we always do a sharing session about what we did over the weekends. I love to hear about what they do outside of school and we all know how much kids love to share. This quick 10 minute start every Monday really helps set the tone for the week.

4. We all know how crazy our day can get. So much to do and really never enough time. Sometime you just need to stop and interact with those kids of yours. I love the looks on their faces when I sit down at the table with them and join in the activity they are working on. On the playground (aside from monitoring them) I really enjoy talking with them or watching them show me how they can go across the monkey bars. It is those little moments that mean SO much to them.

5. This is one area that sometimes can be hard! Students need to know that they will be rewarded when they do the right things and corrected when they make a bad choice. When ever a student does not make the right choice I will speak with them and ask them what they did wrong and why they did it. We talk about what we could do the next time. I want them to hear and see that I care about them, but not the bad choice they make. That can have a big impact on some students.

I hope some of these tips will be useful to helping build those relationships with your students this year. 

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  1. #4 is so important! I learn so much about my students' lives during one or two minute recess/centers/transition conversations! Its so important to make the most of those few little minutes!

  2. Yes, yes, yes, yes, and absolutely YES! Last year my class had a 15 minute recess and then an hour in Motor Lab. I learned more about them during those 2 times of the day than any other... and I loved having that educational play time to learn more about them. It's so important!

    Thanks for linking up!