Reflect and Refresh Part 2- Looking Forward

Where has the summer gone? Ever year I think these summers go by faster and faster! I can't believe it's time for our Reflect and Refresh Part 2 link up! I am joining my bloggy buddies 
Mrs. D's Corner
Terrific Teaching and Learning
to talk about my plans for this upcoming school year. Back in June I blogged about what worked last year. You can read about that post{{HERE}}

I had big plans this summer to work on certain projects! Did I get to them...nope. Am I ok with that....YES! I tried to find a balance between family and TPT/school/ blogging. I am happy with all the fun I had my family because my kids are growing up and I know they will not always want to hang with their mom. I loved swmming at the pool, seeing LOTS of movies and going out to eat with them as much as we did. That to me makes me feel refreshed for my upcoming school year.

Now don't get me wrong. I did LOTS of other projects this year just not what I originally had planned. Here is what I hope to work on for the 2015-2016 school year. 

Content- I have this goal most years. I always want to try and find ways to meet with my reading groups. I do get to see them at least twice a week. This year once things get going I hope to increase that to 3x a week. We will see if that ever happens.

Communication- This will stay the same. It worked last year so why fix it. Right?!?!

Classroom Management- I am NOT doing a clip chart this year. I barely used it last year with going departmentalized. The new idea that I found this summer and loved were Brag Tags!! What are they? Little squares that are like mini awards that be given to students for just about anything. I have seen them on necklaces, book rings and key chains. SOOO when that BTS sale comes around I will be picking up a few packs! I really think my kids will LOOOVE getting and collecting these tags. PLUS this will take place of my treasure chest too!! No more passing out toys items my students probably have no interest in! Check back during the year to see how they are going :)

My BIG Summer Project- So like I said earlier NEVER got around to finding out how to use my rainbow drawers for reading centers. I did FINALLY purchase GOOD library bins! You can read all about them {{ HERE}}
This is how they look now

SO colorful! Can't wait to get them set up in my classroom.

Now that I have gone on and on about what my plans are go read about what my bloggy buddies are going to work on this school year.

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  1. This all sounds great! I didn't get to most of my summer goals either. Must be a trend. haha :)