Sequencing, Nursery Rhymes plus Centers- What I am Teaching This Week

 Hey everyone! Week 1 is done..yippeee! We had fun getting to know each other and getting those rules and procedures down. My group this year is ready to learn. I can tell already, which makes my teacher heart so excited to see what we can do this year!

This week in reading we are working on sequencing. We are going to use 2 great school books

To start off the week we will be reading If You Take A Mouse To School. I love this series of books with the circle story format. After reading we are going to take these picture cards and put them in order in a pocket chart.

Once that is complete my students will complete this. I am using it to make sure they understand the sequence of the story.

We are also going to use the same activity for There Was an Old Lady

If you would like to use these activities in your classroom you can grab them

With some of my students I will be using Nursery Rhymes to help with sequencing event. We will use these posters to start off:

My student will then take these cards and put them in order. Some students will just use the picture cards and some who can read a little will use the cards with the words

         These activities come from my Nursery Rhyme Sequencing Activities

To go along with each rhyme there is a follow up activity to check for understanding:

This week we are also going to be starting centers! I am going to start off with just one activity that all my students will be working on. My higher students are going to be working on building sentence. Using this back to school set students take the words and create a sentence

There are 6 different sentences in this packet so each small group will get to work with one sentence at a time. All this week students will work on completing a center and practicing how we transition from activity to activity. 

Since it's our first week I am planning on keeping the same activity going all week. If my kids seem like they are ready I will add some extra small group activities to the mix.

It is going to be a fun and exciting week! All these activities are in my store will be 20% off for the week! Just click on any of the covers to check them out.
Hope you all have a great week too!


  1. Love your plans and the sequencing of If You Take A Mouse To School. Just read that and now I will use this for review and followup! Thanks so much! love your other sequencing activities also!