First week of school!-What I'm Teaching This Week

Welcome! Last year I started blogging about what I was doing each week in my classroom and decided to continue it for this upcoming school year! I will be sharing some ideas and activities as well as tips and other goodies through out the year.

It has been a super crazy get ready week. I had to miss the first 3 days of staff development due to a death in our family. That was good and bad. Normally we get 2 days to our rooms ready. Not this year. I had O N E!!

This is part of what my room looked like when I walked back in. UGH! Luckily I was MAJOR focused and got right to work on my library

and my calendar area.

That took a good 3  I will be blogging more about my classroom reveal once it is all complete!

The start of the school year is always so crazy stressful! I have a few activities planned. Since I am realistic I have these same activities all week long. Just in case..ya never know what could come up!

To start off I always begin every year with this story

I know how nervous my little students can be. Everyone handles the first day differently. We talk about our feeling and chart them down on paper. I also love to get an idea of their fine motor skills with some drawing and writing of their name. Everyone gets this worksheet to complete while I run around like a crazy lady work on some things that must get done!

nothing fancy but it gives me an idea of where they are at. Plus I love to keep these sheets all year and then on the last day of school I give it back to my students. BOY do they love to see how much they have grown!

Another option I have and plan to use during the week in my First Day Of School Flip Book

This is a freebie in my TPT shop. If you would like to use it just click {{HERE}}

Classroom Rules and expectations are a HUGE part of my first week. We start off the week with this activity

                                You can see read all about it {{HERE}}

This activity then leads us to creating our classroom rules.

We use each poster to create how we want our classroom to look and feel. We also talk about what we can do if one of our friends breaks a rule. I am not using a clip chart this year. Our school uses a daily behavior chart and point system. If a rule gets broken they will get a warning or lose a point for the day. Those friends who really try hard and earn 25 points for the week will collect a brag tag! What is a brag tag? The amazing Angie from Luck Little Learners has an amazing explanation about them Brag Tags. This is my first time using the tags. I am really excited to see how my friends react to them!

One other story we will be reading during the week will be

LOVE this story as well. We do many name activities after reading this book.
 First Grade Blue Skies has an awesome FREEBIE pack that goes with this book. You can check it out here Chrysanthemum! She has blogged about great ideas and many more resources to go along with this book! You should check it out.

I would love to hear about what you use the first week of school. Comment below and let me know!

Make sure to stop by later in the week for my classroom reveal!

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