September Currently!

YEA it is the BEST month of the year!! I love this month because
I LOVE celebrating birthdays! This month I have mine on the 15th and my hubby's is on the 22nd! I get the first half of the month and the second half is his!

I'm linking up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade for my favorite linky!!

Listening- I love putting all my songs on shuffle and never knowing what is coming up next. I am trying to have the TV off a little bit more but, I have to have some background noise. At least with the music it may or may not cause me to dance a little..hey that is exercise  right!?!?!?

Loving-  ;) time to go out to eat with all my birthday cooking for this momma for a few weeks!

Thinking- SOOOOO happy we get a 3 day weekend! I know all you teachers out there who are back in school are SUPER tired like me! Summer seems like it was sooooooooooo long ago.

Wanting/ Needing- A love-hate relationship. I enjoy printing all my new creations and items I get from TPT. I DISLIKE cutting them all out. I even have a paper cutter and lots of tools but, it doesn't help.  My printer is awesome but I did NOT know about the HP insta ink program when I bought it..booooooooo
I am debating if I need a newer printer just to join that program! I don't have time to run out and get ink. Plus we go through SOO much ink this time of year!

3 goals: Since going departmentalized last year I have been able to keep a few weeks ahead on plans. Thank goodness I saved EVERYTHING I planned last year! It helps :)

Patience- I must block out the beginning of the school year because I never remember HOW much my students need me! It is exhausting. Plus this year I feel like my kids are just NOT listening to me at all. Very different group of kids this year!

Grading- There are days that I bring home work in hopes of getting it done...never happens! So every other day I am making sure I dedicate at least 20 mins to grade papers and keep up. So far so good!! Let's see if I can say that in 2 months...hahaha

 Make sure to stop by Farely's blog to see what everyone else is up to this month!


  1. Happy Birthday Month! October is overloaded with celebrations for me. Our anniversary is the 12th, my husband's is the 26th, and mine & my mom's is the 30th!
    My Heart Belongs in First

  2. Happy Birthday Month!!!! My husband's birthday and mine are 7 days apart! Mine is first - he likes to tell everyone is married to an older woman - by seven days. I recently signed up for HP Instant Ink and am wondering why the heck didn't I do it sooner?????

    I am super excited for the Long WeEkEnd too!!! Have a great week!!!!

    The Brand New Pencil

  3. Last year grading always got me. So I would bring home only one or two things to grade, instead of my stack that was so depressing! It made it more doable...and then the stack finally went away! Good luck!

    Found your blog through Currently! Would love for you to head over and check out my blog…

    If You Give a Teacher a Treat

  4. Patience is such a fabulous goal for the beginning of the year. I always forget that my first graders are really still kindergarteners and that they need so much guidance. A little bit of patience really goes a long way - thanks for the reminder!

    Paiges of Learning

  5. Hi Carrie,
    Happy birthday month! I was never good at keeping up with my grading. One year, my co-workers and I decided to dedicate one day each week to stay late and have a "grading party." We ordered dinner and met up in one room. Yeah, that didn't last long. Well...we still met and had dinner but ended up chatting the whole time instead of grading! I hope you enjoy your three day weekend. Go out and do something fun!
    Antoinette :)
    Shoelaces and Sugar Cookies

  6. Happy birthday month! My husband always laughs and says I forget the first nine weeks- I just remember how independent my babies were the rest of the year. I was better about grading last year. I just tried to grade as papers came in right after school. It helped!