Daily Routines, Nouns and Constitution Day-What I Am Teaching This Week.

Hello friends! Hope you all had a great week. I don't know about you but, I feel like shorter weeks are WAAAYY more exhausting/stress full than a full week! Whew!! Come Friday night I am sacked out on the couch!

This week in my classroom we working on putting events from our daily routines in orders and learning all about the Constitution and American Symbols.

To start off the week we are focusing on taking event from our every day lives and putting them in order.

 This set has 16 activity cards that students will sort by things they do during the day or night. 

 Students will help sort these cards on a pocket chart. Then using our Interactive notebooks students will use these smaller versions of the cards and tell me about how their day goes.

I am going to print those cards to be smaller( baseball card size) so they can insert more on a page.

Another activitiy we will work on during the week will be introducing time lines.

as well as some writing prompts for my higher students to continue working on sentence structure.

Click on the cover above to see all the different activities that come with this set.

We will also be working on nouns this week! I start off with this anchor chart:

I am going to just have the pictures up and let the kids fill in the sections. This will also be one of our center activities this week to reinforce nouns

Students can use a clothespin to clip the correct answer then write their response on their recording sheet. OR you could laminate the cards and let your students just circle their answers.

Constitution Day is on September 17th! I found this great freebie from 
Creation Castle to help explain what the constitution is all about
It comes with a great reader perfect for any K/1 class. Plus its FREE!! Click the cover to snag it. :)

We are also using this pack from  Kreative In Kinder

This set has tons of visuals of american symbols as well as pocket chart activities for learning the Pledge of Allegiance. Some of my higher students will work with this pledge that helps build vocabulary from Teaching With Love and Laughter Pledge-Freebie!

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Hope you all have a great week!

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