What I am Teaching This Week.

Hey everyone! It is that time once again to chat with you all about what I will be working on this week in my classroom.  Here in the USA we have a holiday on Monday!! Labor Day :) A day to pay tribute to all us hard workers out there. It also mean the unofficial end of summer and most folks will be back in school.
So this week will be a short one for me! Only 3 days..yikes

Our school is starting a new program on Fridays where students will be participating in Project Based Learning. Since I missed much of the information about this during Staff Development before school began I need to learn a LOT by Friday!

Since it is a short week most of this concepts and topics I am starting this week will carry over into next week too.

We are starting to learn all about Community Helpers. I have these books for read alouds during the week:

My students loved the first 2 book last year. The pictures show part of clothing and they have to guess what the profession is.

On Tuesday we will start making some anchor charts to hang up on the walls.

 After filling our class chart the kids will have a chance to show what they know with this student anchor chart. I also have the interactive notebook tabs that we will work on during the week as well.
 My higher students will get the top one. The one on the bottom, students will draw a picture to go along with each worker.

If you would like to use the bubble map or interactive notebook flaps just click
{{HERE}} to download them.

All week long we will be using these anchor charts from my Community Helpers pack:
 Each worker comes with a color and b/w anchor chart. Along with the anchor charts each worker has a bubble map for students to add information after our group on is completed.

There is also a fun matching game for the students where they need to match a job description to the correct worker! This is perfect for review at the end of the week.

There are color and b/w versions of the workers as well. I have put this pack on sale for 20% off this week! Just click {{HERE}} to check it out.

            For  literacy centers this week we are using my Back to School pack

We have been working really hard on how center time flows in my room. My students are really excited to work on every activity I take out for them. Sooo this week we are trying 5 different ones...eeeekkkk!!! We have been working on how we set up the centers, stay at the same table for 15-20 min, work with our table mates to complete the tasks and how to clean up. 

Hopefully it will go as smoothly as it sounds...hahaha

Hope you all have a great rest of your weekend and if you are off on Monday enjoy these last few days of summer!!!

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