Apples, Apples, Apples-What I Am Teaching This Week.

Fall is in the air!! Well not really down here in Texas where it is STILL 95 degrees but, everywhere you look stores are ready for fall and so am I! I can't wait for it to get down to the 80's with a nice breeze!

This week is a favorite of mine! As soon as it turns September I begin prepping and planning all that I want to fit in. Even though I am not teaching Science anymore I plan on using tons of books about Apples this week to help teach certain skills. Here are some of the books I will be using.

To start off I love to read books from Gail Gibbons. Her texts always have so much information. We then take what we heard about and create an anchor chart. Here is an example of one

Then my students will fill out a bubble map or a fact foldable of their own from my Apples Printables set

                                                    Bubble Map


This week we also talk A LOT about what the difference is between a fact and an opinion. We use the task cards to help us with this skill.

We sort these cards whole group in a pocket chart for students to see and hear how they are different. I also have them do a writing extension activity where they tell me some facts and opinions they have about apples. 

We will read the book Apple Pie Tree to help with sequencing.Sequencing is a skill we are still working on. I really think it is important for them to work on all year long. It can take some time to realize when comes first, next and last. Sooo to go along with our Apple Theme I have made these life cycle cards. 

I made these cards 2 different ways. One set of cards is just pictures that some students can use. For my higher students I made cards that have the words of the life cycle. We will also be filling out these sheets to help make sure they understand the steps a seed goes through

This set of cards is FREE in my store! If you would like to use them, you can grab them {{HERE}}

Of course our literacy centers will have a apple twist on them this week too! My sentence scramble activities are becoming a BIG hit with my students. I love to see and hear their excitement as they build sentences. Here is an example of one of the sentences

Once the sentences are build they will write them down on this response sheet. Each sentence has a different image so they can see where each sentence should be written down.

I also found the cute noun sorting activity from The Bubbly Blonde


                        Plus it is FREE!!! Make sure to check it out :)

For Social Studies this week we will be reading and discovering all about Johnny Appleseed! These are the books we will be using.

We will create an Anchor chart all about him

            We will be using these activities from my other printable pack to keep track of all our information

I am really excited for the flip book they will be creating based on this man. Here is a sneak peak:
I left the pages blank so student could have an option of either writing or drawing pictures. 

All these fun Apple activities
are on sale til the end of the day!

I am so excited for this fun filled week! What are your favorite apple activities that you do?


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