Scarecrows and Fall-What I Am Teaching This Week.

Hi friends. Hope you are all having a great weekend. I am excited because tomorrow I have NO SCHOOL!! WAAHHOO ;)
Down here in North Texas most school get a day off to visit the State Fair. While I liked doing it when we first moved down here I kinda got over it once my boys grew up. Plus it is still kinda steamy out there so I'm not super excited about walking around in the heat. I am sure there are some that will think I'm crazy for not loving the fair but, I see it as a day for ME! So that is exactly what I have planned for tomorrow..late morning coffee and a massage..aaahhhh can't wait!

When we get back in session on Tuesday we will be diving in to learning all about Fall. Here is an anchor chart I found on Pinterest that I will use to start us off

I have lots of books we will be reading from this week.

                                     These are some of my favorites

So many fun activities go along with these books too! Of course all the Old Lady books are perfect for sequencing and talking about cause and effect. I found this great freebie from Sarah Hakinson that has picture cards and printables that go over sequencing and checking for comprehension. You can check it out by clicking on the cover

Another favorite of mine is an oldie but a goodie!

Now down here we are not able to go on a real hunt just yet but I did find some fun fake leaves from Oriental Trading. A few years ago I also found leaf rubbing templates that kids can use to "make" leaves. So those will be used with this book to give my students the ideas of different types of leaves. They will also be doing another sequencing activity that I differentiated for my students.
My on level students will be putting the pictures in order in their reading notebooks.

My higher level kiddos will be using words and cardinal order numbers to put the story together. If you would like to use these activities in your room just click {{HERE}}

Our last book of the week will be Otis and The Scarecrow

This is a wonderful book for talking about friendship.It shows students how to have compassion and doing what is right. I can't wait to share it with my students. I found this labeling activity that we can use with this book. You can see it  HERE.

All our literacy centers will have a Fall theme too! We are using activities from this set

We will also be working with these activities too

So much to do. I know it's going to a fun filled but short week! What are some of your favorite fall activities to do with your students? Comment below and I will pick one reader to win one of my Fall activities shown here! 

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Happy fall and thanks for sharing! I love the fall anchor chart and your activities look so fun! I hope you enjoy a relaxing day tomorrow to enjoy fall! We will learn about Johnny Appleseed and apples to start fall, then leaves, and finish off with pumpkins and Halloween! It's such a pretty time and the children love to celebrate all its splendor! The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything is one of my favorite fall books to get the students involved sequencing and retelling! Thanks for all you share and take care!:)

  2. Hi Jill! Sorry to took me awhile but, email me at :)
    I would love to send you a Fall activity!