Fire Safety-What I'm Teaching this week.

Hi friends! October already? This time of year is so much fun! There are so many great topics to cover and the students are really in the groove of learning. 

Fire Prevention Week is October 4-10. All our books this week will focus on this topic. Here are some of my favorites

To start off the week we are going to create an anchor chart about what we already know about Fire Safety
This will lead to our reading of Fire! Fire! by Gail Gibbons.

After our reading we will go on a fire safety hunt around our school. We are going to walk around inside and out to see what we can find.
You can grab this sheet by clicking {{ HERE}}

My students also love to learn all about firemen. I try and find as many non-fiction books from the library that I can.
This is always a favorite

As we are reading we create a tree map on firefighters

Having a plan is another important lesson we talk about. We come up with rules for how we need to act when we practice fire drill at school. I found this chart on Pinterest

I found this great freebie from Bonnie Kathryn Teaching that will have my students go home and talk about their fire safety plan

Our Literacy Centers this week will also have a Fire Safety theme. My kids will be working on this Write The Room Activity

They will also continue to work on building sentence and working on vocabulary

                       I also found this cute fire truck craft to finish up our week

If you are on Pinterest make sure you take a peek at my October Ideas board for more great ideas!

Do you teach Fire Safety at your school? What is your favorite activity?

Have a great week!

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