Halloween-What I'm teaching this week.

Hello from rain soaked Dallas! We have had CrAzY amounts of rain since Thursday. Out by me we have had about 5 inches and other parts of the state have had up to 18 inches! That is just NUTS! Weather sure is crazy down here!

Well, get ready folk cause this week is one for the books! Every kid all OVER will be thinking about only 1 thing this week...HALLOWEEN! If you have taught before you know what I mean. From the second the walk in on Monday it will be all the think about...coustumes, parades, parties and of course Trick or Treating. 

I am really happy that the actual day fall on a Saturday this year. Who is with me on that??!! The day after sugar crash is NOT a fun one to deal with. Luckily that will not happen this year.  :)

To keep my little ones as busy and on track as I can this week, I have taken some fun Halloween themed stories and filled them with activities galore! This week most of the resources I am using come from some of my favorite sellers!

We are starting off the week with this story
Last year Primary Graffiti came out with the most AMAZING book companion set with this book!
It is FILLED with so many amazing activities to go along with this story
Vocab cards to start off with before we read, interactive notebooks pages that focus on rhyming and verbs, and some great comprehension response sheets  for compare/ contrast, sequencing events and a story map. She even has it on sale for half off this weekend! Click the cover above to check it out!

Another FUN book my students love to hear this week is
This is a cute story about a skeleton who gets this hiccups and can't get rid of them. His friend the ghost suggest several ways to get rid of them but, none of them work. 

I created these flaps for students to put into their notebooks to help re-tell the story:
 I also happened to grab 3 of these bone themed Cheetos a few weeks ago!
How fun are those?!?!?! Of course I had to get a bag to keep for my kids and we may and dug into it already ;)
For those of you who teach math there is a great freebie on TPT that goes over sorting, graphing and more.

We are going to using the labeling sheet and turn that into some skeleton writing this week. Click the cover above to check it out.

Our reading centers this week will of course have a Halloween theme to them!
These are the centers my kinder kids will be working on:
                                                 Syllable stew
                                     Rhyming words- long vowels
                                   Beginning Sounds Memory Game

You can find these activities and more right here

                        My Firsties will be working on these centers this week

I know it is going to be a Spook-tacular week! Hope you have so much fun with your kiddos too!

If you would like the sheet that I am going to use with the Skeleton Hiccups book leave me a comment with your email and I will send it your way.
Happy Halloween!!

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