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Listening: Some days its fun to mix it all up. I love putting itunes on shuffle and seeing what comes up! I have a WIDE variety of music I like ;)

Loving: Finally after at least 3 years I found a pair of boots I like!! Being short I always felt they looked dumb on me.  Target had an some Mosimmos boots in brown that just looked better than others I have tried on. These are them but I got them in brown

Now that I found them I need leggings and longer shirts! Do you have any favorites?

Thinking:  This one is hard for me. If you have been reading my blog or follow me on social media you will know that my dad has been fighting pancreatic cancer for 15 months. Well, last Saturday his fight ended. This past week has been the worst one in my life. We flew back home to Chicago last Sunday and I spent as much time as I could with my Mom and sisters. I know my dad is in a much better place and he fought for as long as he could, but seeing my mom suffer like this is heartbreaking. We are a VERY tight knit group and I know we will get through this....someday.

Wanting:  Life to get back to what we need it to be. I have missed the whole week of school and I am SO not looking forward to catching up with all of that. It stresses me out beyond belief!! I know I have to take it one step at a time. Just tell my mind that would ya?!?!  Good thing I plan 2 weeks out so at least my plans are done for the week.

Yummy: I looooooove the way my mom bakes her stuffing squares and cornbread. Just thinking about it makes me hungry!!

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  1. I love those boots! I have hard time finding boots that fit me right too. I am also in need of leggings and new shirts. I love cornbread too! Yum!

  2. I LOVE YOUR NEW BOOTS!!! I cannot wait to wear actual shoes again! If you haven't found I would recommend taking a look. They always have TONS of legging for super cheap and long shirts you can wear with leggings.
    It’s Kinder Time

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad :( And I hear you on the short girl boot problems! I always get the Steve Madden Intyce Boots since they are the only ones that don't come up to my knees! I love my leggings from Aritzia (brand: TNA) but I don't know how common the store is down in the states... and I need recommendations for longer shirts too! I'm short so most of the shirts made to wear with leggings look so sloppy on me :( Let me know if you find any good ones!!

    A Pinch of Kinder

  4. Carrie, I am so sorry for you loss. You have been in my prayers since I saw on SM that he passed last week. Hope your life returns to normalcy soon. And your boots are super cute.

    Love ya,
    Momma with a Teaching Mission