December Currently

If it is the beginning of the month that means it is time for my favorite link up! Thanks to  Farley for hosting this!  Here is what is going on for me

Listening: I am so sad to hear about what happened in San Bernardino today. It seems like these events are happening WAY too often :(

Loving: All the fun topics to teach this time of the year! This week has been all about Hanukkah and next week is my favorite....GINGERBREAD!!! Make sure to stop back here on Sunday to see all that I will be doing!

Thinking: Ummmmm Hanukkah starts Sunday and the only thing I have done is get out the dreidels and menorahs...GULP!

Wanting: Someone to shop for food and gifts. I am wiped at the end of the day. 

Needing: I think this is just universal all year long! I need time to prep school stuff, take care of family things and just get my act together. You too??

Real or Faux:  none for us..makes decorating and cleaning up easy :)

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL holiday season and enjoy time doing whatever you do!


  1. I am just so excited to find someone who celebrates Hanukkah! My whole family celebrates Christmas but I've been in a Jewish conversion process for some time and I've stopped celebrating Christmas a long time ago! Have fun getting everything set up. Although, we both know, Hanukkah isn't where the real celebrations are!!

  2. Hi Carrie, I came home from school and turned on the news and was so sad to hear. :( This time of year is so much fun to teach. I also do Gingerbread and the kiddos love all the different stories. Enjoy Hanukkah! :)

  3. Listening to the news today was terrible. I hate watching it now, it seems like it is always terrible news. :( Good luck getting everything ready for Hanukkah, and enjoy the holiday!

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