December Pick 3

Welcome! It's Decemeber!! We know what a fun filled, jam packed month this can be. I found some adorable ideas that I wanted to share with you.

I just love the look of this! How cute is it to have the kids name in lights! Click the picture above to see it on pinterest.

Like many of you I do a BIG gingerbread unit in December. While I was looking at Pinterest for craft ideas I came across this sponge painting activity

I so want to have these in one of my centers then using it for a writing extension! Click the picture to see exactly how to make them! Super cute.

I was also looking for an easy idea for my students to make to give as gifts and came across these ornaments!

I will be hitting the dollar tree this weekend to pick up some puzzle pieces to make these. Make sure to click the picture to get more details on Pinterest.

Check out all these other blogs and get some more great ideas for the month of December.


  1. I love every one of your pins! They are adorable, and I haven't seen them before! Lisa from Pawsitively Teaching does a gingerbread man exchange each year. You should join next year! Thank you for sharing your pins and linking up with us!

  2. I love the puzzle ornaments!!! Cute and easy just what I need for my first graders!

  3. The gingerbread men are precious! I just love the puzzle piece ornaments! Thanks for sharing and linking up with us!