New Year Goals

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve! This year has been a VERY tough one for me so I am not sad to see it go.  I plan on making 2016 AH MA ZING for me and my family! My bloggy buddy Stephanie from Mrs D's Corner had a fun idea to share goals we have for ourselves.  Here are mine:

A Good Deed: I love to start each morning with a happiness picture or quote on Instagram. I feel like if we can start each day with a smile, it can lead to a happier day for all of us. If you don't follow me on Instagram Click Here and find me @adventuresinkinder.

New Skill: I use my iPhone for everything! We used to have a camera but I feel like it is not great at all. I would love to learn some tricks and tips for getting great pictures of products and other things for me to post. I am sure there are tutorials out there..just need to find some!

A Book To Read: I just want time. Day to day gets so crazy. I would like to end each day just reading for 15 minutes.

A Bad Habit: UGH this will be tough! I always want something salty and crunchy as I sit on my computer or watch tv. I hope to drink MORE water instead of snacking...flavored water so it's not soo bad ;)

Get Better At: With SO much content out there I want to find a way to make ME stand out just a little bit more. If anyone has any tips PLEASE let me know!!

A Person I hope to be more like: There are SOOO many inspiring teacher/blogger/teacherpreneurs out there I just can't pick one. I am part of some pretty amazing groups on facebook and they ALL inspire me in different ways. I am so lucky to have them come into my life!!

Do you have goals for next year? Just grab this image and link up over at
Mrs. D's Corner  


  1. I love reading your daily quotespiration on IG every day! Keep it up :)

  2. Carrie I am going to find you on Instagram and follow! I loved reading your goals for the new year! Praying you have a very blessed New Year!