Spot The Difference

I wanted to share with you something new I added to my literacy centers last week. We have been working on noticing details when looking at pictures in reading groups and this idea came to me. I know it is not anything new but, it really helped my students this week be more aware of what they are looking at.

To meet the different needs for my students I had some just identify and color the differences. Here are some examples

In this winter pack, I did some holiday scenes and other are all about winter.

For my higher students, I had them find the differences but, then extend the activity by having them write about what has changed

One of the perks of this center is that there was NO PREP! Just print and go. While I am a big fan of hands on centers sometimes, it is a nice change up to work on something different. If you would like to try a sample of this pack you can click here for a freebie!

Click on the cover to check out this pack in my TPT shop

Look for more versions coming soon!

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