Mentor Sentences-Thanks to Jivey!

Hi friends! Today I am so excited to share with you something new I tried with my K/1 class called Mentor Sentences. 

My friend  Ideas By Jivey created these amazing activities to go along with so many books! She had started using these with upper grades and recently created them for the elementary grades.

What are mentor sentences? They are a great way to show students how writing should look. In K and 1st we want students to notice that sentences are made up of words in a certain order, to communicate an idea. Mentor sentence can help students become reader and writers on their own.

During the month of December Jivey, had a great an amazing blog post about using mentor sentences with holiday books! What really caught my eye was the book she used. I had plans to use it the last week of school and knew that I had to try it out. 

The lesson she had to go along with this book focused on prepositions. My kiddos just started learning about these words in math so, I was excited to show them how they can also fit into our reading and writing.

We read the book and I showed them this sentence

We talked about what we saw. How many words it had, how it started with a capital and ended with punctuation and, any words they could read. I had them look for which word was a preposition too. Once they picked out that word we make an anchor chart. It started off with having the presents all over the chart and they came up with the words to write. Here is what the chart looked like at the end. Now, I am NOT a great artist! SO no judging my drawing ;)

I joked with my kids about how my drawing skill lack and they thought it was funny :)

I then took the sentence page and had my lower students cut the words apart and put it back together.

Then when they were done I had them read it to me. I love to see the look on their faces when they know the words and can read. HAPPY teacher/ student moment!

Now for my other students I used this interactive notebook page. They had to write the preposition word under each flap.

The next day we reviewed the sentence and talked about how prepositions make sentences more exciting. I then gave this sheet where they came up with which preposition they wanted and drew about it.

Some of my students worked on this sheet instead of the writing one

My kids really rocked this lesson! I am so excited to use her other pack once we get back from break! 

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