New Year's Goals-What I'm Teaching This Week.

Happy New Year!! I hope that 2016 has been good for you so far. The past 2 weeks have flown by haven't they?!?! Breaks always go by in the blink of an eye.

I have been keeping myself quite busy over break! New items were added to my store, older items got updated and I have been blogging my little heart out!

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Ok now on to this week's plans. Since I KNOW my kids will have forgotten what it is like to sit and listen I treat the first day back kind of like the first day of school! I take out my Making Good Choices activity and we go over what is good/ bad. You can read all about it HERE

Once we get that back into our minds I will be spending most of the week reading stories about New Year's and making goals. Last year I found this amazing book companion pack from Primary Graffiti for this book

This book companion has lots of activities too! We will be discussing vocabulary words from the story, sequencing events and much more.

click the cover to check it out!

Another story I found that helps show different ways New Year's is celebrated
is Shante Keys and the New Year's Peas.

To retell the events in this book my students will be using a flip book from my new reading flip book pack!

(the pictures have writing from other stories not this week's books)

Also using that book we are going to compare how my students celebrated the new year by creating an anchor chart. From there I have a few different options for my students to show what they want to work on this year. Some of my kids will be working on a flip book while others will use a template to showcase their goals.

We will be working on this most of the week during our writing time.

Another fun activity I like to do on the first day is my New Year's Glyph. I read off certain directions for my kids to listen to and follow. While they are listening they are coloring a picutre that represents what they did on New Year's Eve

We don't write our names on the front so that when they are hanging on the wall the other students can figure out which picutre belongs to which student. They love trying to find their friends picutres!

All of the above activities can be found in my New Year's Glyph and Writing Pack

For literacy centers this week we are focusing on
Compound Words
Parts of Speech Sort
Singular and Plural Nouns
and correcting sentences

some of these skills are new this week so these centers will be around for a few weeks for sure.

That is our week! What are some of the skill or topics you will be working on this week?

Oh before I forget did you know that I am also doing a giveaway? I used mentor sentence in my room before break. Read all about it here and make sure to enter the giveaway!

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