Snowmen-What I'm Teaching This Week.

 Hi there! I hope you are enjoying this long weekend! Teachers really need long weekends once in awhile to rest and recharge!

Since this is a super short week for me( we don't teach on Fridays) I had to really pick and choose what I wanted to cover this week.

There are SO many fun books out there about Snowmen. Here are a few of my favorites:

I am going to be using these books the most this week. I never knew there was quite a few of them!
We heard the Christmas one right before break. So we will start with Snowmen at Night

 I found this JAM-PACKED book companion set from  Primary Graffiti that I will be using this week with all the books.
Her packs have so much to do with each story! We will start out with a KWL on snow. As the week goes on we will focus on vocabulary words from all the stories, compare and contrast the different books as well as working on lots of fun comprehension sheets.

Another skill we are working on this week in Fact or Opinion. I made this fun Scoot game last year and we will be using it again this week.

If you are not familiar with scoot you are missing out! It is a fun and engaging way for students to focus on a skill while moving around the room. I put a card on each student's seat. They have 1 minute to read the card, decided if it is a fact or opinion and write down their answer on their response sheet. Then once we are back at our spot we go over the answers together. It is a really fun way to get the kids moving while learning!

We are also going to be sequencing about how to build a snowman. Using these pictures students put them in order and then need to write about the steps.
      I use the 4 steps for those students some students. My higher kids will get the 6 step sequence

Another center we are using this week is a Winter Parts Of Speech Sort. We are getting really good at reading words and sorting them. You can grab this FREEBIE by clicking on the cover

We are also starting our Community Helpers unit this week too. The Snowmen at Work book will help tie these concepts together. We will be using the anchor charts and activities from this packet here:
You can read some more ideas over {{HERE too}}

I also wanted to let you know that everything in my shop is 15% off through Sunday. My teacher friends who live down under and getting ready to head Back To School! So I am joining some sellers who are having a sale.
Hope you all have a wonderful restful weekend!

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