.Leap Day plus Dr. Seuss- What I'm Teaching This Week.

Tomorrow is the special day that only happens every 4 years! So, since we have an extra day I wanted to make it extra fun for my students!
We are going to start off the special day by making some crowns! Everyone loves to wear crowns. 

These are FREE in my store. Just click on the cover to grab them!

I searched for some books to read aloud and explain why we have Leap Day. Here are a few that I found.

I also made a fact sheet for my students. They will be using that to guide them during their writing center this week.

Check out my Leap Day Plans to see everything we are doing tomorrow!

The rest of the week will be spent reading and learning all about our favorite rhyming author.
We will be doing an author study this week.  Here is where you can see how I will be using it in my class.
 Our literacy centers will have a Seussical theme to them too.
March Into Reading shows you all the activities.

I also have the printables that can be used with ANY book this week.

Just click on the cover to grab the freebie.

Hope your week is just as FUN as ours will be!

Dental Health and Black History-What I'm Teaching This Week.

Hi, friends! February is just cruising by. There are so many great topics to read and teach about this month. We have been having fun learning all about groundhogs, valentines and Presidents.

Another thing I really like is how I can incorporate some Social Studies concepts into my reading. I had a walkthrough last week and my cohort commented how she really liked seeing those 2 subject areas being used together.  BIG smile!!

So this week that intertwining will continue. We will be starting off our week discovering Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges. 
We touched on Rosa Parks a bit when we talked about Martin Luther King Jr. So, I know my kids will recognize that name. To start off, we will read I am Rosa Parks. I love the way the story is told from a younger looking character and really gets the story across in a way that kids can understand. We will be discussing some vocabulary words from this book as well.

As a follow-up activity, my students will be making a flipbook on her

We are doing the same activities for Ruby Bridges too.

If you want to check out them books just click on the covers below

We will also be learning all about taking care of our teeth this week.

Our centers will have a dental health theme this week. I will be using many activities from this set.
                  This is our write the room activity. These are always SUCH  a student favorite.

This set has quite a few activities! Kids will be sorting foods, making sentences, sequencing how to brush their teeth, creating a stand-up tooth craft and reading from a new reader!

That unit is jammed pack with ideas! Want to try one of the activities out? Click the sequencing page below:

Hope you enjoy using it!

Do you shop at Target? Check out my post from yesterday about all the items I found in the dollar section!

Make sure to stop by next week to see how we are celebrating Leap Day and the birthday of our favorite rhyming author. Lots of freebies too!

Target teacher finds!

Hey, everyone! Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I had to share with you some of the
AH-MA-ZING things I found today at the Target dollar section. My teacher heart is just SOOOOO happy!

                I am going to use these adorable stickers in my planner! How cute are they?!?!

 I have no idea what I am going to use these for but, there was NO way I could pass them up!

 Of course, I had to get more erasers to add to my HUGE growing collection of them.

 They also had LOTS of  Dr. Seuss things! I got these pencils and bookmarks to pass out to my kids the week we celebrate his birthday.

 Always need MORE stickers.

 These are the best find! Smelly gel pens....EEEkk! I can not wait to use these on my kids papers. They love my smelly markers so I know these will be a BIG hit too.

 Lastly, I found these posters! I am going to hang them up in my library area. I just LOVE them!

You better RUN to target fast! I hope that you are able to find these goodies and maybe some other things.

Leap Day!

                 2016 is Leap Year! Since we have the extra day this month you just MUST have fun!

I can't wait to share these activities with my students!

We are going to start off with this making words activity

Students can use these letter and see what words they can create

                     There is also a worksheet for them to write down all the words they create

Another activity is an EA sort. Students will read the words on the lily pads and decide if the "ea" sound is a short or long vowel sound.

Once all the words are sorted students will color in the lily pads on this worksheet by their vowel sound.

After reading our Leap Day Fact sheet, the students will then read fact cards and decide if it is true or false.


                                                     Student can then fill in the chart

    Along with these 3 activities, there are quite a few printables you can use for center time too!

                                                            A reading comprehension sheet
                                       Word search and a blank calendar for students to fill in

                  ABC order and Sentence Fix It- students needs to find the mistakes and
                                                 write the sentences the correct way.

                         Some writing prompts or use could make this flip book that is also included!

                                                     Click the cover to see it in my shop.

Whatever you end up doing in  your classroom I hope that your day is HOPPING with fun!