Leap Day!

                 2016 is Leap Year! Since we have the extra day this month you just MUST have fun!

I can't wait to share these activities with my students!

We are going to start off with this making words activity

Students can use these letter and see what words they can create

                     There is also a worksheet for them to write down all the words they create

Another activity is an EA sort. Students will read the words on the lily pads and decide if the "ea" sound is a short or long vowel sound.

Once all the words are sorted students will color in the lily pads on this worksheet by their vowel sound.

After reading our Leap Day Fact sheet, the students will then read fact cards and decide if it is true or false.


                                                     Student can then fill in the chart

    Along with these 3 activities, there are quite a few printables you can use for center time too!

                                                            A reading comprehension sheet
                                       Word search and a blank calendar for students to fill in

                  ABC order and Sentence Fix It- students needs to find the mistakes and
                                                 write the sentences the correct way.

                         Some writing prompts or use could make this flip book that is also included!

                                                     Click the cover to see it in my shop.

Whatever you end up doing in  your classroom I hope that your day is HOPPING with fun!

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