Dental Health and Black History-What I'm Teaching This Week.

Hi, friends! February is just cruising by. There are so many great topics to read and teach about this month. We have been having fun learning all about groundhogs, valentines and Presidents.

Another thing I really like is how I can incorporate some Social Studies concepts into my reading. I had a walkthrough last week and my cohort commented how she really liked seeing those 2 subject areas being used together.  BIG smile!!

So this week that intertwining will continue. We will be starting off our week discovering Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges. 
We touched on Rosa Parks a bit when we talked about Martin Luther King Jr. So, I know my kids will recognize that name. To start off, we will read I am Rosa Parks. I love the way the story is told from a younger looking character and really gets the story across in a way that kids can understand. We will be discussing some vocabulary words from this book as well.

As a follow-up activity, my students will be making a flipbook on her

We are doing the same activities for Ruby Bridges too.

If you want to check out them books just click on the covers below

We will also be learning all about taking care of our teeth this week.

Our centers will have a dental health theme this week. I will be using many activities from this set.
                  This is our write the room activity. These are always SUCH  a student favorite.

This set has quite a few activities! Kids will be sorting foods, making sentences, sequencing how to brush their teeth, creating a stand-up tooth craft and reading from a new reader!

That unit is jammed pack with ideas! Want to try one of the activities out? Click the sequencing page below:

Hope you enjoy using it!

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Make sure to stop by next week to see how we are celebrating Leap Day and the birthday of our favorite rhyming author. Lots of freebies too!

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