President's Day-What I'm Teaching This Week.


Hey everyone. Hope you guys have recovered from those Valentine's Parties last week! I saw this on facebook and thought it was SUPER true!

I know how much fun and memorable those parties are but, whew they can be exhausting! I remember when I taught half day K and had to do all those parties TWO TIMES! Still don't know how I got through those!

Next week is a short one for us..again! The kids are off Monday but, teachers at my school have a PD day...UGH!

This week our focus is on Abe Lincoln and George Washington. We have been reading lots already about Abe Lincoln from last week. These are some of the books we heard

That picture book I have is always a favorite to read. I love the pictures they use. I think I have had that book for well over 15 years! One of the standards we have to work on this 6 weeks is timelines so, these topics provide lots of opportunities for that. Once all our dates and facts are listed I have my students work on this timeline to make sure they understand how events need to go in order.
For some of my other students I use a graphic organizer like this for them to pick and choose facts/dates to list

Fact and opinion is another skill that we focus on during this time of year again. I created this sorting activity that we use after we read some more non-fiction books on Lincoln.

I use this next sheet as an assessment tool.

We do many of the same activities when we are introduced to George Washington. Here are some of the books we will read

Then once again we work on a timeline about GW

Have you read George Washington's Teeth? It is super entertaining and has a great message to take care of YOUR teeth..hahaha

I also have another sorting activity for centers this week.

 Our other literacy centers this week will have a Presidential theme! We will be unscrambling sentences, using American symbol cards for write the room and comparing how the two Presidents are similar or different



Most of these activities can be found here

I have made one of the activities from this set a freebie for you! I really appreciate you all reading about what goes on in my classroom! Just click the picture to get it!


If you are off on Monday, I hope you get to relax and enjoy it! Make sure to stop back here next week to see what we are doing for Black History Month and a sneak peak at our Leap Day activities!

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