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Hello! Today I am excited to share with you some winter fun filled ideas! Living down here in the South, Winter is very different than what I know it can be! I remember those cold winter days back in Chicago with snow and wind....brrrrrrrr!!

Luckily down here, it does get cold for a day or 2 and then it's back to the warmth and 60's! I wish I could share my sun and warmth with all of you in those colder areas. Hold on..Spring is on it way!

Now onto some Winter fun that I have in my classroom. I love to teach by themes. I am lucky enough at my school that I am able to do that while incorporating our curriculum. In January we covered everything topics like New Year's Resolutions, MLK Snowmen and Snow. For February we will be talking about, Groundhogs, Valentines and Presidents. Every Sunday I blog about my plans and what resources, books I will be using. Make sure to stop by sometime and get another peek into my classroom!

One favorite theme I love to teach about is Snow! Since I only teacher reading and SS, I don't get into the science and math angles, I just use books to cover these topics. Here are some that I used a few weeks ago.

I also love to create an a sequencing anchor chart on how to build a snowman.
this chart is from First Grade Garden

This year we have been working REALLY hard on sequencing. I have it as one of my literacy centers each week. To go along with this anchor chart, I created 2 different versions of cards for  my students to put in order and then write about

Some other fun winter center I used was this cute sight word one from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten

I also tried a new twist on write the room for some of my higher kids. I created Winter Word Boxes for them to work on.

They were a BIG hit, so I plan on making them for each set I already have!

One last time saver that helped me ALL month long was my print and go pack
These sheets have been great for morning work and even in some centers. Here are a few examples of what I used.

I've included one of these sheets in the Winter E-book that we are sharing, Make sure to click the picture and grab it.

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