Seeds and Gardening- What I'm Teaching This Week

Hope you are all enjoying some beautiful Spring weather these days. Since last week we only had 3 days of school last week many of my activities from last week will be carried over to this week. If you missed that post you can read all about it {{HERE}}.

We are starting off the week with a great story.

In this story, Hare solves his family's problems by tricking rich and lazy bear. This tale shows how ones wit can overcome hardship.  Once we read the story we will be using a variety of flip books to show our understanding of the story

Flip books have become a great tool that we are using often in my classroom.  I am also going to have this printable in on my of centers this week
click on the sheet to grab it for yourself.

Here are some of the other books we will be reading during the week too

The Tiny Seed is another one that I love! I made some sequencing and retelling cards that we will use with this book.

Click on each one to grab them for you to use too!

If you are looking for more ideas make sure to check out my Pinterest boards too! I am always finding new books, ideas and cute crafts.

Hope you all have a great week!

Assembling Flip Books-How To

So I have spent the good part of this Saturday trying to figure out how to put together double sided flip books. Sounds easy right??!!!  Well, after going through at least 30 pages and lots..I mean LOTS of frustration I figured it out!  I know I am probably not alone with trying to figure it out sooooo,I took lots of pictures and came up with this tutorial.

This year my students are really enjoying using flip books. They love putting them together and I find them looking at them long after the lessons are over. Recently, I have been seeing some double sided ones and really wanted to start using those! The super talented Learning In Wonderland came up with a great template. So with all the ideas I have in my head for using this I decided to tackle my first one. Using digraphs. Putting my ideas on the template, that took no time at all. Then came to the assembling part. She has some videos on how to do this but, I am a hands on learner so, it did NOT come out so well. Here is how I finally mastered this task!
First, I printed out what will be the cover of my flip book.
 Then the trick is to turn it upside down, then put it back into the printer to print the next part of the book.

 Here is what the other side looks like.
 So I did the same thing with the next two pages. Printed one of them first, flipped it around and printed on the other side.

                    So here is a picture of all 3 pages printed on one side
                      This shows what is on the back of them
                       Then I began to assemble them with tab 5 on the bottom, 4 on top of that and then 3.

                     Flipped down the top page and there was tab 2
                     Flipped down the next page and there is tab 1
        Now that I had my book assembled the only thing I had to do was cut down the middle.

Ta- da!!! 2 books all ready to go! Once I got it down it made it really easy! I posted this book in my shop today!

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Have a great rest of you weekend.

Springtime-What I'm Teaching This Week

Why is that spring break goes by in the flash of an eye?!Every other week of the year drags on but, this week...pooof it is Sunday! Luckily it is a super short week for us and, I did all my prepping before I left for break. On Monday, we have a PD day with time to work in our rooms and Friday is a holiday. Most of what I start this week will be carried over to the next week.
Since today is the first day of Spring that is our focus this week! We will be using sensory details to describe this season. Here are they books we will be reading.
 To start off we will be creating an anchor chart all about Spring. Here are some ideas I found on Pinterest

The first book we will be reading is
and then it's Spring

After the reading, the students will write about Spring using their 5 senses

if you would like to use this sheet you can download it 

Another few book that will help with sensory details and the changes or seasons are


We will be using the same 5 senses writing template to go along with these books.

In our centers this week, we are working on ABC order, building sentences, digraphs, sequencing just to name a few skills ;)
  For ABC order, I am taking my write the room cards and having students put them in order

                                                  click the cover to see it in my shop

With my sentence scrambles, I am going to have the students assemble the cards to make the sentences then, as a check-up, I am using the same sentences printables and having the students glue the words in order in their interactive notebooks

This week our spelling words will be focusing on beginning and ending digraphs. I created these clip cards for them to use during center time to help reinforce the words,

I am going to use the square ones for certain students and the round ones below will be for other students. 

To continue building our comprehension and writing skills I made these Springtime Sequencing  cards and printables.

If you would like to try this activity I have made it a **FLASH FREEBIE** as a thank you to all my followers. Make sure you grab it quickly. Just click on the cover to download it. I would also love some feedback on it too. My students really enjoy these cards and I hope yours do too!

As another THANK YOU to all you wonderful reader I would love to giveaway one of my spring products to a lucky person!

You can click {{HERE}} to see the activities. Then comment below with which one you hope to win. I will pick a winner Sunday, March 20th at 7:30 pm (CST).
Good Luck :)

Hope you all have a great week and it goes by fast for you too! Happy Spring!