Springtime-What I'm Teaching This Week

Why is that spring break goes by in the flash of an eye?!Every other week of the year drags on but, this week...pooof it is Sunday! Luckily it is a super short week for us and, I did all my prepping before I left for break. On Monday, we have a PD day with time to work in our rooms and Friday is a holiday. Most of what I start this week will be carried over to the next week.
Since today is the first day of Spring that is our focus this week! We will be using sensory details to describe this season. Here are they books we will be reading.
 To start off we will be creating an anchor chart all about Spring. Here are some ideas I found on Pinterest

The first book we will be reading is
and then it's Spring

After the reading, the students will write about Spring using their 5 senses

if you would like to use this sheet you can download it 

Another few book that will help with sensory details and the changes or seasons are


We will be using the same 5 senses writing template to go along with these books.

In our centers this week, we are working on ABC order, building sentences, digraphs, sequencing just to name a few skills ;)
  For ABC order, I am taking my write the room cards and having students put them in order

                                                  click the cover to see it in my shop

With my sentence scrambles, I am going to have the students assemble the cards to make the sentences then, as a check-up, I am using the same sentences printables and having the students glue the words in order in their interactive notebooks

This week our spelling words will be focusing on beginning and ending digraphs. I created these clip cards for them to use during center time to help reinforce the words,

I am going to use the square ones for certain students and the round ones below will be for other students. 

To continue building our comprehension and writing skills I made these Springtime Sequencing  cards and printables.

If you would like to try this activity I have made it a **FLASH FREEBIE** as a thank you to all my followers. Make sure you grab it quickly. Just click on the cover to download it. I would also love some feedback on it too. My students really enjoy these cards and I hope yours do too!

As another THANK YOU to all you wonderful reader I would love to giveaway one of my spring products to a lucky person!

You can click {{HERE}} to see the activities. Then comment below with which one you hope to win. I will pick a winner Sunday, March 20th at 7:30 pm (CST).
Good Luck :)

Hope you all have a great week and it goes by fast for you too! Happy Spring!


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  2. The Spring Sentence Scramble! I love your idea of having them record in their notebooks after. I have seen scrambles like this and have been wanting to introduce them to my center rotation! :)

    1. Hi Amanda! Send you me your email and I will send them your way.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. That would be amazing! aecroes@hotmail.com

      Thank you so much!

  3. Amazing resources, Carrie! I would love your digraph clip cards. They would definitely help my phonics centers a bunch this week! Great post and thank you for the great ideas :) Have a great week!

    1. Message me your email and they are yours :)