Earth Day- What I'm Teaching This Week

April is just cruising by! We finished our last round of NWEA testing this week. I have so many exciting activities planned for these last 7 weeks of school...... 7 weeks!! WOAH

This wee is all about Earth Day. Over the years, I have my staple lessons that I always cover but, every year I always want/need to look for newer fresher ideas.  WAAAAAAYYYYY back in the day when I started teaching there was nowhere near the amount of books and resources that we have access to today! 
Here are the books we will be using this week to discover what Earth Day is and how we can help.

 This book is what we will read first. After our reading, we create an anchor chart that talks about what we can do to help the Earth.


I also turn this activity into a writing assignment for my students. Students will use one of these organizers to assist with their writing.

One other topic we read and talk a lot about is Recycling. Here are some books that I have found that we will read.

We use these interactive notebook tabs to define what each word means and ways we can do these things too. I print them off on colored paper so they are noticeable in our notebooks.
Another activity we work on during the week is a fact opinion sort. I have these cards (bigger) and as a class we sort them. As a follow-up activity, some students will get these to sort on their own.

I saw this anchor chart on Pinterest last year and made it. I plan on doing it again this year too!

We will also be making this craft too using coffee filters and the rainbow below.

Our literacy centers will all be about Earth Day this week. Here is a picture of my sentence scramble set. Some students will work on this independently while others may do this as a center with a group of students.

Write the room is another FAVORITE activity that my kids work on. I have picture cards like this all around the room with a response sheet.

This flip book is another activity that will be a center that I will be using throughout the week.
Here is a peek at what the activities look like:

If you are following my TPT store I sent out this pack of literacy centers as follower freebie yesterday. Here is what was included

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Hope you have a fun and adventurous week!

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