Mother's Day- Quick and Easy Ideas

Mother's Day will be here before you know it. If you are like me you have already been thinking about what you can do with your class this year. I wanted something this year that was a little different from years past but also quick and easy.

Now I am not all that crafty. I see super cute ideas all the time and when I try it..well it sure does not look the same. Does anyone have that luck? I also wanted to find ideas that could also work for those who do not have a Mom. Aunt's and Grandma's are just as important!

I did find these ideas and they look like they would not be too hard to create.
These caught my eye. Students could do many different things to decorate the bags. I also like how she put the flowers in a plastic bag before putting it together. Click the picture to read about the how to.

How cute are these flower pens? Most of the items shown here can be purchased at Dollar Tree or Michaels. All you need are pens, flowers, little pots, and moss. I like how this is something that can be made with little teacher assistance.

Now most Mom's me included love when we have a memento from when their kids were little. This handprint flower crafts would be just perfect!

Simple, easy and adorable! You could even add a school picture from this year at the bottom.

 I saw this all over Pinterest last year. The picture below would work well together!

When I came across this next idea I knew this is exactly what I wanted my kids to create

I am going to do it a little different. I am going to have blue butcher paper up on a wall with pictures of hearts drawn on it. I like how it looks and is different and EASY!!

Along with these cute pictures my students in class with have the option to create a flower craft , coupon book or just write about their moms.
                          Here is the flower craft. I like to run it on colored paper to make it pop!
These are the writing pages we will be using. You can grab them for FREE in my TPT shop.

Click {{HERE}} to get the writing papers.

 Looking for more Mother's Day ideas? Check out my board on Pinterest.

Whatever you pick I know all the Mom's out there will truly appreciate your hard work!
Wishing all the Mom's out there the most wonderful Mother's Day.

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