Weather and Seasons- What I'm Teaching This Week

Happy April Friends! Hope this week has been a good one for you. We had lots of fun on Friday with April Fools. I tricked my class SO good twice!! This was the first time I actually tried jokes on my students and it was SO funny that, I for sure will be doing it again in the future!

Spring is in full swing down here! This week we will be reading all about seasons and all the changes that happen. A few years ago I purchased an amazing weather pack from Stephanie Stewart. Many of the ideas I use during this week are from her packet.
 One of the first activities we do is a Graffati Walk. I will have a big sheet of paper with each season labeled on it. Students will walk around and add information they know already about each season.

Then we will begin reading another wonderful Gail Gibbons book!
I really like the way she explains the reasons why we have different seasons. We have been working on authors purpose and using text to support our answers over the past few weeks. I made these response sheets for my students to work on after our reading.

Different students will get the reponse sheets that meets their needs. I have been really impressed with how well some of my students writing has just taken off these last few weeks! If you would like to use the sheets too you can grab them right   HERE!

Next we are going to be reading all about clouds, rain and wind.

We are going to watch a brain pop video about the water cycle and then the students will work in groups to illustrate how the water cycle works. Here are some examples I found on pinterest.
 This one is really cool if you have windows in your room!

just click on the pictures to see them on pinterest.

We are also going to make these cute Randy Raindrop crafts too!

Then we are going to move on to reading about Cloud. My students have been learning all about clouds in science class the last few weeks so I am excited to see what information they can bring with them to these lessons! 
We are going to create a cloud foldable like this one I found on Pinterest

We are going to have an anchor chart filled with information about the types of clouds and from there my student will write about each one.

Of course our literacy centers will have a weather theme too! This week some of my students will be working on synonyms, antonyms, digraphs, pronouns and sequencing.

I am also going to be using some centers from my April pack for the other students
Here are the skills that are included

This week for sequencing we will be writing about how to fly a kite.

You can grab these cards for FREE just THIS WEEK!! Click {{HERE}} to get them. Make sure to let your friends know about them too! I would love to hear what you think about them.

It is going to be another busy and jam packed week! Make sure to stop by next week as we start to dive into our poetry unit. Have a great week friends.  :)

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