Summer Reading

It's the most wonderful time of the year....when teachers get to become human again!!
We can catch up on sleep, use the restroom WHENEVER we want and recover from the past 10 months.

What I reaaaaly love about summer is the chance to READ! Not books that are required for PLC's or PD but all the chick lit books I LOVE!!

I am linking up with Molly from Lucky To Be In First to share some book ideas.

Here are some books I read last summer that were perfect beach or pool reads.
             1. After You- Sequel to Me Before You
             2. Who Do You Love- really anything by Jennifer Weiner is  good!
             3. The Island- I found Erin Hilderbrand last summer and fell in love with her writing
             4. ANY book from Nicholas Sparks- read them before you seen his movies. :)

Yesterday I went out and got some books to start my summer off with.


If you have never read ANY of these book you must!! I have loved this series since it started back in 2000. If you are looking for a funny easy read while sitting at the pool this one is for you!

                                                                     Finding Audrey

While I was looking for the newest Shopaholic book I came across Finding Audrey. I read the back cover and even though it is considered a young adult book, it sounded good to me.  Here is a snippet about it.

Audrey is a teenage girl suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder. She has experienced bullying, and as a result has become virtually a prisoner in her own home. This is the story of her journey to recovery, with the help of a boy named Linus. It’s sad in places, but funny and romantic too.

Another book that is on my list is Wonder

SO many people I know have read it and recommended it to me. That will definitely be in my bag this summer too!

                                                                   A Summer Affair

At the end of the summer last year I discovered Elin Hilderbrand. I loved her style of writing and could not put the book down. So when I spotted a display of some of her other books I knew I had to grab one.

Over on Facebook this morning I found this other blog post that list 13 books that everyone will be talking about. There are already 3 or 4 that are on my list!
13 books to read this summer

I am always looking for other great books to read. Yes, I love those romantic and funny stories and am willing to broaden my horizons. Head over here to get some more recommendations!

May your days be filled with sunshine, warm temps, sunscreen and lots of great books!

Insects- What I'm Teaching This Week

I have seen this image floating around social media this week and perfectly describes my world right now!

This week I am TRYING to squeeze in one more topic to teach. I know how much my kiddos miss the routine we have! This week we are heading into the world of insects.

My teaching time has seriously gone waaaay down with all the Kindergarten Graduation activities we are working on so I have very looose plans for this week. I have picked 4 non-fiction books for us to use this week.

Before we start reading them we are going to create an anchor chart where my students can show me what they already know.
 I also found this great chart for us to fill in  too

 After reading one of our books I created this fact sheet for my students to fill out. I am also using this to check for understanding. You can also use this sheet with just about ANY non-fiction topic!
My hopes are to make this into some sort of fact book for them as the week goes on.
You can grab that sheet by clicking on the image.

I also made a few word work center activities for my kiddos this week too

 Insect Write The Room- Students walk around and write down the cards they find on the response sheet below.

           I also made these word boxes cards for my higher students for another write the room

We will also be using this sentence activity that is also filled with lots of facts! This resource comes with 10 sentences for students to build.

Student take the 6 cards and figure out how to build the sentence. Once they have put it together they write in on this response sheet. It is also a great way for me to check and see how their work is.

           You can see these resources up close by clicking the covers below

That wraps it up for this week. How many more days do you have for the school year?

End of the Year Ideas

It's that time of the year! Teachers are tired, students are fully energized and everyone has summer on their mind! Looking for some fun and exciting activities to help get you through the last few weeks of school? I've got you covered! Check out what I have found on Pinterest and what I am using in my classroom.


 Memory Books- What better way to wrap up the year than by having kids go back and reflect on all they did! I have been making these for years and it is definitely one of my favorite activities to do!

This is one version we get to create. Here are what the pages look like
                                 A page for students to write about their favorites
                                          Pictures of themselves, their teacher and Principal
                        Pictures of their school, stage( classroom) and band mates (classmates)
                   Writing about their favorite day of the school year and what they want to work on for                         next year, books we read and about special classes. What they rocked this year!
A page for a note from their teacher and also a page for their friends to sign.

Another activity I LOVE to do is have my current class write a letter to my next year's class. I read it to my students on their first day of school.

This year I made a flip book End of the Year book too! I like to give my students a variety of options

This flip book has less writing and drawing than the other version

You can find both of these versions here:


One other activity I like to end the school year with is an Award show! I made these awards with a variety of topics. Just print them off and write your students names. I make a big deal of each student getting the award and they love cheering each other on.

                                                    You can see all the awards here

Lastly, I found this book a few years ago to read to my students on the last day. I love how the book shows that teachers are students are more alike than different. It's a cute story!

After reading the story I like to give out these poems to my students

I found them as a freebie on Pinterest. Just click the picture to see it!

Another really cute idea for end of the year gifts is bubbles.
I just loves these tags!

I also found these

If you don't want to do the bubble route I also thought this chalk idea was another cute one!

              You can find even more ideas to end the school year over on my Pinterest board.
                                       There are lots of projects and free ideas pinned here.

How do you end the year with your class? I would love to hear your ideas too!

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May Craziness Has Arrived- What I'm Teaching This Week

The May craziness has hit our classroom full swing this past week! You would think that after all these years I could better prepare my self...sheesh!

I had such great intentions this week. Monday did go exactly how I wanted it to! We started our 3 Little Pigs unit. Read all about it here. We even began our centers for the week

Then I realized we HAD to get our Mother's Day activities done! I felt bad last year that I did do much with our gifts. My kids made a cute flower craft and coupon book for their moms.

Then I saw this blowing kisses picture that was just SO adorable that I knew I had to add it to our list of gifts this year.
The kids decorated frames and I hot glued ribbons to it. They turned out really cute. I know the Mom's will love those pics!

That literally took ALL Tuesday to get done! I forget how much work goes into getting all these items, copied, assembled and ready to go.

Our school makes a BIG deal out of our Kindergarten Graduation. Such a big deal that we are practicing EVERY afternoon with all 11 K classes for 2 hrs! Yep, you read that right. So teaching has just gone OUT the window! We have been learning the songs they want us to sing and learning poems for students to recite. This will go on until the day of Graduation June 2nd! OY!

So needless to say my weekly plans for the next few weeks are going to be VERY flexible and laid back. Who know what I will be able to accomplish.

When I do have class time I hope to continue working on my 3 Little Pigs unit. 

The best part of last week was how amazingly appreciated I felt! My school and class did a great job of making us all feel the love last week.
This is just a little peek at some of the goodies I got. Our school had each day be a theme for activities. It was really nice to feel the love! I hope that all of you teachers were spoiled and appreciated to this week!

To all you Mom's out there hope you are also spoiled by your families tomorrow too!
Enjoy your weekend friends.