3 Little Pigs- What I'm Teaching This Week

Happy May! This school year has FLOWN by. Only 23 days left( I know I am not the only one counting down). I saw this picture all over Instagram last year and it just made me giggle
Gotta luv me some JT! Especially from those N'Sync day....hahahaha

This week is always a super fun week in my classroom. It is time for all the fun different versions of
The 3 Little Pigs!

Here are all the different versions that I have found

 I start the week with the version written by James Marshall. This one stays true to the version we all know best. After reading the story, my students will sequence the events either using picture OR word cards.

Then I have these options for them to make sure they understand the sequence of events

These sheets will be used all throughout the week.  I also wanted to use some anchor charts so I went to Pinterest and found these!

I really like the character traits one since we talked ALOT about that last week with our Tall Tales.

Our literacy centers will ALL be about our story this week too! Here is a peek at what we are working on:

                All these activities and some of the printables shown are from this resources

I also made this Write The Room activity as an exclusive freebie just for my readers!

You can click {{HERE}} to get it! 

Now I don't teach math or science this year BUT I found this great STEM activity and had to share it with you. It is from Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten

How fun would this be! Using just a few simple materials the students create a house for the pig! I just may have to squeeze this in somehow this week.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and I hope ALL of you get the THANKS you so deserve!

Have a great week friends!!

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