End of the Year Ideas

It's that time of the year! Teachers are tired, students are fully energized and everyone has summer on their mind! Looking for some fun and exciting activities to help get you through the last few weeks of school? I've got you covered! Check out what I have found on Pinterest and what I am using in my classroom.


 Memory Books- What better way to wrap up the year than by having kids go back and reflect on all they did! I have been making these for years and it is definitely one of my favorite activities to do!

This is one version we get to create. Here are what the pages look like
                                 A page for students to write about their favorites
                                          Pictures of themselves, their teacher and Principal
                        Pictures of their school, stage( classroom) and band mates (classmates)
                   Writing about their favorite day of the school year and what they want to work on for                         next year, books we read and about special classes. What they rocked this year!
A page for a note from their teacher and also a page for their friends to sign.

Another activity I LOVE to do is have my current class write a letter to my next year's class. I read it to my students on their first day of school.

This year I made a flip book End of the Year book too! I like to give my students a variety of options

This flip book has less writing and drawing than the other version

You can find both of these versions here:


One other activity I like to end the school year with is an Award show! I made these awards with a variety of topics. Just print them off and write your students names. I make a big deal of each student getting the award and they love cheering each other on.

                                                    You can see all the awards here

Lastly, I found this book a few years ago to read to my students on the last day. I love how the book shows that teachers are students are more alike than different. It's a cute story!

After reading the story I like to give out these poems to my students

I found them as a freebie on Pinterest. Just click the picture to see it!

Another really cute idea for end of the year gifts is bubbles.
I just loves these tags!

I also found these

If you don't want to do the bubble route I also thought this chalk idea was another cute one!

              You can find even more ideas to end the school year over on my Pinterest board.
                                       There are lots of projects and free ideas pinned here.

How do you end the year with your class? I would love to hear your ideas too!

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