Insects- What I'm Teaching This Week

I have seen this image floating around social media this week and perfectly describes my world right now!

This week I am TRYING to squeeze in one more topic to teach. I know how much my kiddos miss the routine we have! This week we are heading into the world of insects.

My teaching time has seriously gone waaaay down with all the Kindergarten Graduation activities we are working on so I have very looose plans for this week. I have picked 4 non-fiction books for us to use this week.

Before we start reading them we are going to create an anchor chart where my students can show me what they already know.
 I also found this great chart for us to fill in  too

 After reading one of our books I created this fact sheet for my students to fill out. I am also using this to check for understanding. You can also use this sheet with just about ANY non-fiction topic!
My hopes are to make this into some sort of fact book for them as the week goes on.
You can grab that sheet by clicking on the image.

I also made a few word work center activities for my kiddos this week too

 Insect Write The Room- Students walk around and write down the cards they find on the response sheet below.

           I also made these word boxes cards for my higher students for another write the room

We will also be using this sentence activity that is also filled with lots of facts! This resource comes with 10 sentences for students to build.

Student take the 6 cards and figure out how to build the sentence. Once they have put it together they write in on this response sheet. It is also a great way for me to check and see how their work is.

           You can see these resources up close by clicking the covers below

That wraps it up for this week. How many more days do you have for the school year?

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