May Craziness Has Arrived- What I'm Teaching This Week

The May craziness has hit our classroom full swing this past week! You would think that after all these years I could better prepare my self...sheesh!

I had such great intentions this week. Monday did go exactly how I wanted it to! We started our 3 Little Pigs unit. Read all about it here. We even began our centers for the week

Then I realized we HAD to get our Mother's Day activities done! I felt bad last year that I did do much with our gifts. My kids made a cute flower craft and coupon book for their moms.

Then I saw this blowing kisses picture that was just SO adorable that I knew I had to add it to our list of gifts this year.
The kids decorated frames and I hot glued ribbons to it. They turned out really cute. I know the Mom's will love those pics!

That literally took ALL Tuesday to get done! I forget how much work goes into getting all these items, copied, assembled and ready to go.

Our school makes a BIG deal out of our Kindergarten Graduation. Such a big deal that we are practicing EVERY afternoon with all 11 K classes for 2 hrs! Yep, you read that right. So teaching has just gone OUT the window! We have been learning the songs they want us to sing and learning poems for students to recite. This will go on until the day of Graduation June 2nd! OY!

So needless to say my weekly plans for the next few weeks are going to be VERY flexible and laid back. Who know what I will be able to accomplish.

When I do have class time I hope to continue working on my 3 Little Pigs unit. 

The best part of last week was how amazingly appreciated I felt! My school and class did a great job of making us all feel the love last week.
This is just a little peek at some of the goodies I got. Our school had each day be a theme for activities. It was really nice to feel the love! I hope that all of you teachers were spoiled and appreciated to this week!

To all you Mom's out there hope you are also spoiled by your families tomorrow too!
Enjoy your weekend friends.

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