Over the past few days, quite a few teachers have been posting their stats on Instagram. The stats talk about how many years they have been teaching, students they taught, schools they have been at and more.

Here's mine

Years: Finishing up year 23!
Students: This is an average. Over the years I can not remember how many students each class had. Plus there was those 2 years I taught 1/2 day K so it was 40 students instead of 20.
Principals: 7...I think
Grade Levels: 3- 1st Grade-3, 3rd Grade-2, Kindergarten-18!
Schools:  7 school and I forgot to add in 2 dfferent states too! Illinois and Texas.

More memories that I can even remember. It is wild that my first class I taught back in 1993, those little first graders are now grown adults! Woah

I can not wait to see what the next 20 years hold in store for me.

What are your stats? Comment below or if you posted a pic on Instagram share it!

Happy End of The Year!

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