Monthly File Boxes

Happy Summer friends! I hope you all have been resting, relaxing and recharging! I have been doing lots of that too. Now that July has started my mind is starting to get into school mode. I always like to work on some organization projects over the summer. Last year I re-did my WHOLE classroom library system! You can read all about that  library makeover here.

This summer I was inspired by MANY pictures  all over Instagram of teachers using these project cases for holding their monthly files. SOOO I decided to tackle this project!
I saw a picture like this on target and immediately texted my teacher BFF. She told me she JUST got the same boxes and I need to grab all I could find!

So I did what she suggested and began the purge and keep tasks.

I found those project boxes at Target back in June. They were on clearance so they were not too pricey at all.  I like to have my monthly themes together so I knew that is how I wanted to organize each box.

 I went through the files, threw away what I multiple copies of and what I never used! Most stuff is on my computer so, if I do need something again I know I have a digital copy. Here is a picture of what can fit inside the box.
Since school starts at the end of August around here I knew this box would only have a few files for now. Most of these items are things I use the first few weeks of school.

Then OF COURSE, I had to create some super cute covers for the front of the box!
I ran out of double stick tape,so I plan to tape the cover to the case so they don't get lost or fall out.

I decided that I wanted to have the themes I teach that month listed also. Just to make it easier for me.

This year I am going with a rainbow chevron theme so the covers had to match my alphabet and number posters I have made. :)

Til I move all my stuff into my new classroom, I am keeping the boxes in a crate. When they get to school I plan to put them into my file cabinet.

SOO much neater and more organized than my hanging files from years past! Just LOOK at the pile I threw away! Whew.

If you like these covers I made a set with just the month names on them.

You can grab them by clicking right here.

I hope this post has given you a good idea of one way to keep your files organized and neat. I would love to hear about how your store your files in your classroom too! What works for you?


  1. Love this idea. Looked online and can't find them so I guess I will just HAVE to go to Target!

    1. Here is a link to what I found on Amazon:

      Michael's stores also sells them too! Good luck. :)

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  2. I love the monthly covers! Any chance you have an editable version? I would love to add my themes on them as you did :)