Number Sense, Nursery Rhymes and more...What I am Teaching This Week

Welcome back to another year! My goal is to share a snippet of the skills, activities and ideas I will be working on each week. I hope to blog weekly like I did last year and share TONS of ideas and resources with you.

This is week 2 for us. The first week felt like a blur and I am glad that it is OVER! You can read about what I did my first week right here. Since I am new to my district MANY things are given to me to pick from. I have never been this lucky before. For the past few years, I was given the standards I had to follow and then come up with ideas, lessons, and resources on my own. This is the TOTAL opposite of what I am used to! I am now also teaching ALL the subjects. I am excited to be bringing back math and science fun to my room.

This week in math we are working on building number sense. Last week we worked a little bit on building numbers up to 40. This week we are really focusing on all the different ways to make 10. I have this anchor chart that I will be making with my students as the week goes on. I found some great freebies to help with this skill over at Little Minds at Work.  I also loved this activity and we will be working on it Monday.
In reading this week we have been working on setting up expectations for readers and writers workshop. I have never taught writing like this before and I am excited to see my students growth this year. We have been working on setting up our writing folders and creating LOTS of anchor charts about what we can write about, what our writing should look like and more. For readers workshop, I have started using the Daily 5 for the first time ever! I have used something similar before but never realized it had a title.  I made these posters last week while we worked on building stamina.

This week I have some district testing that needs to be completed so we will be starting a few stations.

If you would like these posters for Daily 5 you can grab them  HERE.

Last week we also used nursery rhymes to help with reading and sequencing. I have been using these at the beginning of the year since last year and it really helps the kids build their confidence!

Here is a peek at all that is included in my Nursery Rhyme set

                     Just click the covers to see it in my shop

That is it for this week. Make sure to come back and read all about my classroom reveal! Hope you have a great week of school!

New Year- New Teacher!

Woah! It has been AGES since I last blogged! These past 6 weeks have felt like a blur. I started a new teaching job in a new district. It has been amazing, overwhelming and nerves all rolled into one! Even though I am far from a first-year teacher, right now that is what I feel like! There is SO much to learn when you are hired by a new district. Have you felt this way too?

I was so lucky that I was given my keys to my classroom at the end of July. I had my ENTIRE classroom all over my house and garage. It looked like an episode of joke! Once I had those keys I rented a U-haul and moved everything in!  Here are some pictures of ALL my things unloaded.

I have been in a small box type classroom for the past 9 years so walking into THIS room was like HEAVEN!!! I even had a window....ooooooooooo.  I was also beyond ecstatic about ALL those cabinets!! I had to supply my OWN storage in the past. I STILL do not have every cabinet filled up! Yippeeeee.

Starting August 1st I haven been in some type of district training learning all the ropes. I feel very lucky to be a part of where I am at and I am really looking forward to this coming school year.

These past few weeks though have been hard. It is hard to come in and absorb all that information that you are supposed to know and use. Am I right? I finally feel like I am starting to get into some kind of routine and my students are too.

I hope to get my classroom reveal post up this week so you can see my "home" This year. It really does feel like that too!

I hope that all of you are off to a great start if you are back in school and if you start in the next few weeks, best of luck to you!