Fall Time FUN!

Happy Fall Friends! The weather is starting to turn coolers. All around are pumpkins and beautiful fall colors. I am so excited to share with you some of my favorite reading and math activities I love to use this time of year. I have TONS of freebies for you too!! 

 I have a slight addiction to buying books for my classroom. This picture makes my teacher heart so happy! Out of all my fall books I have some favorites that I use every year.

The next few weeks we are working on sequencing stories and learning about verbs. I love to incorporate literature to help with these topics. We Are Going On A Leaf Hunt is a great book to help put events in order. I created these sheets for the students to use after our reading

I have a picture activity for some students and my higher ones will get this sheet with words

I love to see that out the box thinking my students have!

 You can grab these sheets by clicking here Leaf Hunt.

Another book I love to help teach verbs is the book os When The Leaf Blew In

A leaf blows into a barn and that sets off a funny series of events. You can also use this book to help teach about cause and effect too! I found a great freebie to use with this book from  Speech Is Sweet. Make sure to check it out.

This year I have more ELL students than I have ever had. So I have many stations planned with lots of language support. Last year I had this write the room station that my kiddos loved!

Then for my students who needed that little bit  of a challenge doing the same activity I made these write the room word boxes.

You can find these cards by clicking on the cover

I also created this Fall Bingo that I using as on of my stations in the next few weeks

You can snag the cards here  Fall Bingo Cards

One last writing station I want to share with you is my sentence scrambles. Here students get 6-word cards and then they have to put them in the correct order to create a sentence.

 Students need to put the cards in order. Each sentence has the same picture to help figure out which words go together.
 There are also sentences in black/white to help save ink. Sometimes I have students glue these onto a paper and glue it down.

There is also a writing sheet for students to write the sentences they created down. I use this as a check to make sure they are putting the sentences together correctly.

This year I am back to teaching all subjects. I was happy to pull out all my fall math activities! A few years ago I found these fabulous fall plastic items at Michael's Craft Store

My brain went into overdrive with all the cool things I can use them for!  The first thing I thought of was to use these for sorting a graphing. First I give this sorting sheet to a small group.
Then the students can fill in the boxes to see which item they had the most of. One of the graphs was left blank so you can add any type of fall item you have in your classroom.

You  can grab the sheets here Fall object Sort and Graph

I am also going to use them to help with grouping, patterns, building 10 frames and addition.

I also made these fun fall themed centers a few year ago. They will be put into our stations this week.

If you would like to use them in your classroom you can! Just click the cover below.

 I hope this has helped give you some fun ideas you can use in your classrooms over the next few weeks. If you would like to save any of these ideas make sure to use the image below to pin it to your favorite Fall boards.

If you do use them in your classroom I would love to see them in action. Make sure you tag me if you are on Facebook or Instagram. Happy Fall everyone!


  1. I spotted those plastic fall items at Hobby Lobby and my brain did the same thing! We are doing sorting with Engage New York but they could easily be used for graphing, adding and subtracting, and more!

    1. By the way, I also have an addiction to buying books for my class and I always wind up leaving most of them at the old school whenever I change schools so I wind up buying the same book over and over.

    2. Great minds think alike! Thanks so much for stopping by!