Election Day

Election Day is just around the corner. This is the perfect time to teach your students about what election day is and who can be president. Here are some fun ideas you can use in your classroom to help teach about this event that only happens every 4 years!

Over the years I have collected some books that cover this topic. Here are a few that we are going to be reading.

In this book, a student thinks his teacher would make a great president. His teacher loves white  houses, is used to being followed around and attends lots of meetings. Sound familiar...haha

After reading this book we create a chart about the job a teacher has and compares that to some of the jobs a president has to do too.

We then complete this sorting activity in a pocket chart

This gives the students a good idea about ALL the jobs a president has to do. The students also complete a sorting page so I can check for understanding

Another great book to read is

This book is really great this year with a woman trying to become the first female president! After we read this book we come up with ideas about what WE would do if we were president. We then write about all our ideas on this sheet which will be displayed for all to see.

To understand more about what Election Day and being the president means we take information from these charts and fill out our bubble maps.

The students also will be creating this flip book where they can write about all the learned about the election and what a president does.

Of course, our literacy centers will have an election theme too. Here are a few of the activities they will be working on

                                   Building and writing sentences with this sentence scramble activity.

word work activities and write the room cards too

You can find these resources in my TPT shop.  Click to see covers to see them.

You can also pin this image to save these ideas.

Whatever you do in your classroom hope your students have fun learning!

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