Mini Eraser ideas

If you follow me or just about any other teacher on Instagram I am sure you have seen those mini erasers. I may have developed an OBSESSION with them. LOL

 I get asked a lot what I use them for so I want to share with you some ideas that I had.
 There are so many different ways you can use these. My students favorite is when I use them for math manipulatives.

One station my kids LOVE to do is sort and count. I just put a bunch of different erasers out for them and they go to work. Simple and really NO prep!

Another very popular math station my students love  is Roll to 50.   2 students roll a dice, then put that number of erasers on the grid. When it is all filled up they count and see who had the most. This activity is great for addition and counting. I also made the frames for rolling up to 20 for some students and those who are looking for a challenge can roll up to 100!

Just print the frames on colored paper, add dice and done! Another really easy math station.

Since there are always a few different seasonal eraser styles out at a time, another activity students can do is creating patterns. On this sheet, the students are given the eraser to start with. What they come up with at the end is up to them. You could have them create any kind of pattern they need to work on. I even left 2 rows blank for students to show you how they can create their own kind of pattern.
Graphing is another way students can work on those math skills. For this activity, students use a paper clip and pencil to spin the clip. Whatever picture the clip lands on they add that to their graph. Students can play against each other and see which eraser will reach the top first.

One last math idea I had was to use the erasers to help build number sense.
As you can see students need to put that number or erasers in each circle. Perfect for those students who still need help with this skill. I also made these sheet with the other erasers but, left them blank so teachers could write on them for whatever their students' needs are.

You can click here Activity Sheets to get a copy of the sheets. Also, feel free to pin the picture below so you can save these ideas for later.

**** I have now created these activities for ALL the erasers that are found in the Dollar Spot!

Just click the picture to see them in my TPT shop.

 Leave me a comment and tell me how you would use these erasers in your classroom. I am always looking for more ideas!