Attendance Incentives


Recently at our school, we have started to have a problem with kids coming to school! So each grade level team was to collaborate and think about different ways we could encourage students to come to school and boost our attendance numbers.

Our team decided to go with a popcorn party. Simple and easy enough for sure. So I made this display that we hung up in our first-grade hallway
So each day a class had all their students present at attendance time got to add a popcorn sticker to their class ten frame. It was so fun to see how each class was progressing. I also began to notice how my students would really cheer for students when they showed up each day.  We have been doing this contest for a few weeks and last week WE filled up our class ten frame!!

Our class was so excited and the other first grade classes were really jealous! All the teachers kept saying that it is so important to be at school each and every day ( unless your sick).

My class enjoyed some popcorn and a movie last Friday and also got some tags and certificates

Now that we reached our 10-day goal, we are trying for 20 days! I will be adding another ten frame to the board in hopes we can fill it fast!

I have had other people comment on how well this would work in just their classroom or even as a behavior chart. All great ideas to promote student success.

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What do you do to promote attendance in your school?

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