How to Store those Mini Erasers


Hey there! If you follow me over on Instagram you KNOW how much I love those target mini erasers! They are used for everything in my classroom. So you probably have them too but, HOW the heck do you keep them all organized???? Don't you worry friends I have a really CHEAP easy fix for you!

                                   These ziplock extra small square containers are PERFECT!!!

                                                Each square holds one bag of erasers.

The best thing about them is they are clear so you can easily see which one you want to use!

Now I took my storage a step further. Once I put them into the square containers I then organized them by season with these craft storage boxes I had from Michael's

I could fit 16 sets into one box. Then until I got some more I had to stack some on top.

Having them stored this way makes is really easy for my kids to use during our activity time. They can just grab a container and go.

                                        Here are some of the ways we use them in my classroom

           Make sure to check out my eraser activity pack for TONS of hands-on engaging activities!


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