Spreading Happiness and Cheer in Your Classroom

Happiness and Cheer are wonderful tools that should be in each and every classroom. Students love when they are recognized for their efforts and celebrated. When students feel loved and appreciated it changes the whole atmosphere in the classroom. I have never seen that to be so true that this past school year.

Last year was my first year at a new school. It is a Title One school and I could tell from the start that these kids loved to talk, work hard and share in happiness! We did a lot of character development lessons last year and those morning meeting times when we chatted were just the best. I could tell how much they loved sharing what was going on in their lives, what they worked on at home and more.

So this year knowing what my students are going to be like I wanted to start off the year showing and telling my students how very special they are. 

This is how I came up with the idea of Student Happy Notes. While shopping at Target I have seen these adhesive pocket square in the Bullseye Playground area.
I was thinking about how I could use these with my students and notes popped into my head! I am going to place one square on each students desk, next to their name tags.

To start off when they come for Meet The Teacher I am going to welcome them with their first note. I made a few different versions for other grade levels too.

I like to give a variety of options to teachers if they were to purchase this so I made each type of note in color and black/white. The above picture shows how you can print the black and white notes on bright paper and it really pops!

If using color ink makes you happy I made the notes bright and colorful too! I created 27 different types of notes to pass out to the students. Everything from Happy Birthday to Spread Kindness Like Confetti.
Here is a peek into what a few of the notes look like. As the year goes on I plan on giving out new notes 1-2 times a week. Especially when I see my students working really hard OR if they just look like they need a little extra TLC that day. I am really excited to share these with my kids and to hear their reactions to the notes on their desks.

You can see all these Happy Notes in my store. If you don't have the target square no problem. You can still share them with your students the best way that works for you.

If you do have the adhesive square you may also want to check out the editable labels I made for the target squares too!

Hope that there is lots of happiness and cheer in your classroom this year too!

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