Target Teacher Finds- Back to School 2017

Hey, Friends! I hope all of you are soaking up the sun and recharging. I saw a picture that says teachers are solar powered. They recharge in the summer. How true that picture was!!! As a teacher though do our brains ever really stop thinking about school? I know for me that I ADORE summertime but of course, I have been thinking about next year. If you follow me on Instagram( which I SURE hope you do!!!) you may have been that I have a LOVE of the Target dollar section. I think every teacher does!

            (I just love this shirt from The Wright Stuff. Click the pic to see the shirt in their shop.)

So a few weeks ago Ha from Happy Days in First Grade and I went to Target to have some fun! We checked out all the goodies that were out from the Dollar Spot and took tons of goofy pictures. You can check out her blog post to see what we found. I was excited to see somethings for BTS but it was not that amazing stuff I found last year.  Since I am no quitter (haha) and I knew this was about the time of the year that they stuff hits the shelves I was stalking patiently waiting for the shelves to be filled up with goodies.

THAT time has arrived and I can not WAIT to share with you all I have found!

To start off those bigger colored boxes are not from Target but, from Costco. I am going to use them to store my stations for each group during Guided Math and Daily 5 this year. This year Target changed the colors of the bins and I am in LOOOOOOVE!!! Instead of rainbow colors like last year, they came out with PINK and TEAL!!!! I am replacing all my red book bins with pink ( those who know me know that pink and purple are my colors!). So I may have had to run to 10 different Targets to get my pink bins but I FOUND THEM!!

Each Target I went to I found all different kind of goodies!

Here I found some dry erase sentence strips, pennant banners, rainbow dry erase labels and apple pencil toppers! I am going to use those erasers as math manipulatives. You can see how I use them
here (Mini Eraser Ideas).
Here is a closer look at the sentence strips and the ONE (1!!) pocket chart I found. Oh so happy it was purple!

They have these canvas bags this year for $3. This one was my FAV! I also saw a notebook paper one and one with a school bus. Super cute for extra tote bag at school.

Those BINS!!! I got a set of these square bins. One teacher can never have enough bins right? ;) Plus, how CUTE are those crayons and pencil? They are ceramic little decorations I will put under my window for a splash of color. There is also an apple too!


These letters are just so cute for any elementary classroom!! I can wait to get them up in my classroom. They also had these in cursive for older grades. Love the colors.

I love to hang my students work outside our classroom and these wooden clips match all the other colors they have this year perfectly! Then did you see the pack on the bottom?!?! How perfect would those be for some number recognition activities!
They also had letter ones too! These would be really cute to hang alphabet posters in your classroom. So many possibilities.
Look at these banners! I found more ABC ones that would be perfect for the clips above. I also found these pencil and corkboard banners. I think I am going to use to some vinyl letters and make a welcome banner.


These are clipboards are perfect for small notes to leave on your desk and the bigger one has a pad of paper for taking notes! Perfect for that beginning of the year PD.

These pencils!! What a great way to others how your classroom runs! Then even had matching borders with the same messages. LOVE these to hand out at the beginning the of the year.
Target really has set the bar high this year!

I also got some brand new wipe and write sheet protectors with the new amazing colors. These are the best for my students to use during word work, math stations and sight word practice. All you need is a dry erase markers and you are good to go!

This year I have decided that I am going to make a positive inspiration board right next to my desk. I have lots of these adorable wooden signs from years past and then today I found these 2 to add to my collection. I can not wait to hang them all up and show you how it turns out!

I had so much fun shopping and planning for next year. I would love to hear about things you may have found at your target dollar spot by commenting below. Feel free to pin this image so you can save the ideas I have shared here.

Happy July and enjoy Summer!

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