HP Insta Ink

Teachers do a TON of printing. We are always needing something for our classroom and sometimes we can not do it all at school.I do most of my printing at home. Yes, at home. I can print as much color and black and white sheets as I need. Wanna know how?  HP Insta Ink.

I get asked all the time how do you get all your classroom centers and activities printed in color? It is all thanks to the Insta Ink. HP Insta Ink is a program you can sign up for and pay a monthly fee.  They have 4 plans you can pick from to meet your needs.

I use the Frequent plan since I know I have stations, books and more that I need for my classroom. As you can see each plan is based on how many pages a month you want to print.  The best thing is that if for some reason I don't use all my pages in a month they ROLL OVER! Yes, you read that right I keep the pages I don't use until I need them.  There is no fee for cancelation either but, I think once you try it you will be hooked!

Now to get starting with HP Insta Ink you need a printer that is qualified for the program. Here is a list of printers that will work.

If you have a different printer that is not on this list, it won't work. That is what I ran into about a year ago. So, I shopped around and settled on the HP ENVY printer.

I have been using the HP Envy for over a year. This printer does it all for me. Prints, scans, copies and it is wireless. That means I can print from my phone or Ipad. I can print double-sided too!

The Insta Ink printer lets HP know when your ink is low. There is no need to ever go out and purchase ink for your printer. Your printer will let HP know when your ink is getting low and new ink will be then sent to your home. Usually, my ink arrives well before I need to replace it in my printer. I can use as much color or black ink as needed. Color and black and white pages cost the same so I can print whatever I need to without any worries.

I can log on at any time on the HP Insta Ink site and see how many pages I have used for the month. I can also see how many rollover pages I have left too.

Are you ready to sign up?  If you have a new printer and use this HP Insta Ink Link you will get one month of FREE ink! You can also use the coupon code SAVE50PERCENT when signing up to get 2 MORE months of FREE ink.That is 3 free month to start off. You won't be charged for the plan you pick until your free months are over.  Then just follow the instructions to set it up on your printer. Super easy, fast and convenient.

Here are a few more reasons that this was the best choice for me.
* Cartridges are bigger than XL ones so I can print more with them
* No cancelation fee at any time
* Change plan at any time.  All you need to do is just hit EDIT on your homepage.
* Never run to the store for ink again.

I hope that this helped answer some questions. Like I have said before this was a very helpful, smart choice for me. If you would like to save this post to your Pinterest board just pin the picture below.


  1. Hello! I was over on Laura Randazzo's high school ELA blog when your name/link came up in one of her posts. Even though I teach HS ELA and Spanish, I had to come check out your blog...her enthusiasm about it had me curious. Right away, I'm hooked...no joke! It's like I was supposed to find this post. I created an "over holdiay break to-do list," and the very next thing on the list is to learn about HP Insta Ink!! I breifly heard/saw it mentioned online the exact day I was complaining about no longer being able to print in color at school. Thank you so much! This is the coolest thing ever! I've spent so much time creating bright, colorful word walls, posters, task cards, and games for my Spanish classes...only to not print and use them the way they were intended because I no longer have access to a color printer at work! Ughhhh! I do all my printing at work because I don't have internet at home, except for on my phone (I know...I know...way too long of a story to explain the reason behind this absurd way of life). But, you have me so excited about this amazing service that I want to go out tomorrow, get internet service, buy a new printer, and do the happy dance!! I'm not sure it will be that quick or easy, but when I do it, you will be the first to know because I'm coming back for the free month promo code! Yay! Thank you so much!
    Your newest follower,
    Tara :-)

  2. Thank you so much for you sweet comment! I hope you are loving the HP program!