100 Days Smarter!

This past week we celebrated our 100th day of school!  Lots of fun activities were planned to celebrate the day and I ordered some goodies from Oriental Trading as well. I can't wait to show you what we did.

We started off the party with decorating crowns to show we are 100 days smarter! I love these since the kids get to color them in. They loved them too!

Next up we started with a craft. Each student got a gumball machine and filled them with 100 gumballs.

what I LOVED about this all the numbers are mixed up so I gave my students an extra challenge. I had them make each set of 10 a different color. This kept them busy and QUIET for such a long time. They had to hunt for those numbers.

I was really impressed with how hard they worked on filling this machine up!

Next, we worked on a variety of activities that included the number 100. These activities came from my 100 Days print and go resource.

Listening and following directions.

A flip book!

Different ways to have fun during the day!

It made the day so exciting and interactive!

Then to finish off the day each student got a bag of goodies to take home.
                                              Bookmarks to use in our favorite books!

                                           Stickers cause who doesn't love stickers?!!

                Pencils(cause we never have enough of those). I also found erasers for them too!

The day passed by so quickly that we never got to our last activity! So we are going to work on them this week.

So if you are planning your 100th day make sure you check out all the goodies that Oriental Trading has to help with your celebration.

If you want to save any of these ideas pin the picture below to your favorite Pinterest board.

** Oriental Trading has been a classroom favorite resource of mine to order items from. They do send me items to review/write a blog post about. I am happy to share these ideas with all my readers and all opinions are my own.

Have fun celebrating 100 Days of School!

Polar Bear Eraser Activities

If you have been following me for awhile you all know how much I ADORE mini erasers. So I was SOO excited when I discovered that Oriental Trading had some that I did not know about!

Today I am teamed up with Oriental Trading to give you a sneak peek into my eraser activities using these adorable polar bear mini erasers. As always, these opinions are my own. 

Mini erasers are a favorite activity of my students. They just love them and I love how engaged they are while using them. So awhile back I created a whole bunch of math and word work mats to use with these erasers.

Here are a few of them:

Roll To 100: Students roll a dice and add that many erasers to their mat. When the whole mat is filled up they count to see how many of their erasers were used. Whoever used the most is the winner.

Spin and Graph: What I love about this set are all the different colors they come in. They make spin and graph much more fun!

The different colors are also great for creating patterns.

Addition and Subtraction are skills we work on all year long and using erasers makes learning our facts so much more fun.

You can find all the math mats in my Mini Eraser Activity pack. I have created activities for each mini eraser I have found. I keep adding new activities to it all the time too! You can see them by clicking the picture below

Head on over to Oriental Trading to check out all the great mini erasers they have. I will be getting more and adding even more sheets to my eraser pack.

Feel free to pin the image below to save these ideas to one of your boards.